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A 6-year-old boy was arrested and forced to appear in court for picking a flower at his bus stop.

  “Should  a baby  that believes in  Kriss Kringle , the  fictional animal ,  and also the   sprite  be making life-altering decisions?” asked New Hanover County Chief District Court Judge Jay Corpening. T his can be   a matter  that has come up repeatedly  within the  state of North Carolina as dozens  of kids  as young a six are being processed into the criminal justice system.  the most recent  case involves a 6-year-old boy who was arrested  and compelled   to travel  to court because he picked a flower while  watching for  the bus. Attorney Julie Boyer’s child client was  unproven  for injury to  realty  after he stopped  to choose  a flower from a yard near his  stop ,  in keeping with  The Herald-Sun. Illustrating the ridiculous nature of sending  a toddler  to court  for selecting  a flower  is that the   undeniable fact that  he had no idea what was  occurring . Boyer said she had  to convey  the boy some crayons and a  picture book  during the proceedings because he  didn'