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Cop Arrested After He Was Caught Looting and Assaulting Protester During Brutality Protest

  A 11-year veteran of the San Bernardino County Sheriff's Department was fired, and charged with assault, filing a false police report and looting in  reference to  an event  at  an enormous  5  sports equipment  store amid George Floyd protests on June 1. During the Floyd protests, which spanned from coast to coast, countless stores and businesses were looted  and lots of  of them burned to  the bottom  . While  the bulk  of the protesters remain entirely peaceful, these criminal factions discredit most everything the protests  represent  . When cops being participating  within the  criminal activity  also  ,  the road  gets blurred even further. Erdem Gorgulu, 46, responded with other sheriff's deputies to a call of looting at  the shop  . Upon entry Gorgulu encountered Juan Martinez, 28, who was allegedly mistreated by Gorgulu in an excessive use of force incident. Another deputy reportedly witnessed the incident and crossed over  the skinny  blue line to report the  intere