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Teachers ‘Bruised, Bloodied, Traumatized’ After Being Shot by Cops with Pellet Guns in Shooting Drill

  In some sick and twisted act, Indiana  grade school  teachers were ordered to kneel against a wall before being shot "Execution-style" from behind with pellet guns during  a security  drill. The teachers were left bruised, bloodied and traumatized after this most insane "Drill" and are now taking action. Last year, some 30 teachers at the Meadowlawn  grade school  in Monticello underwent ALICE training  which inspires  teachers and students to be proactive when facing  a lively  shooter, including rushing the attacker. Shooting teachers with plastic pellets  doesn't  typically feature in ALICE training and now those teachers are suing. Eight schoolteachers from Meadowlawn  grade school  in Indiana have sued the local sheriff's department after a traumatizing course of "Active shooter" training left them physically and psychologically scarred. According to the Indy Star, the lawsuit, filed last week in Indiana's northern  court  , claims that