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‘Please Help, I Can’t Breathe’: Deputies Ignore Man Begging for Help, Until He Dies

Last September, Wingo was kidnapped by police and thrown  during a  cage  the Cobb County  prison  because he had  one among  these prohibited substances in his possession. Just days after being thrown  during a  cage, Wingo would be dead, having spent a  previous couple of  moments of his life begging for help that he would never receive. According to 11Alive,  the small print  of Wingo's death was concealed for nine months until the sheriff's office finished its internal affairs investigation in June. Wingo's family and now many others,  afflict  the results of this so-called "Investigation." When Wingo arrived on Sept. 24, the jail placed him into the infirmary for "Detoxification monitoring." Staff prescribed medicine to treat nausea after he told the jail he used cocaine within the past 72 hours. Three days later, deputies returned him to  the overall  population. On Sept. 28, Wingo complained he had severe abdominal pain. Fellow inmates, deputies