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Cop Who Arrested an Innocent Family and Small Children Now Running for Sheriff

Last year, the same department that murdered Elijah McClain made headlines again – this time for holding an innocent family at gunpoint and forcing them all to the ground due to their own ineptitude. The police were searching for a stolen motorbike with a single driver when they came across a whole innocent family in an SUV with a registration plate from another state. The fact that none of the policemen involved in that act of terror were prosecuted — despite committing obvious acts of terrorism against an innocent family by holding children aged 6-17 at gunpoint and pushing them to the ground — exemplifies why police officers can get away with such A January decision exonerated all the cops involved. Despite the fact that the 18th Judicial District District Attorney's Office described the event as "disturbing," they determined that the police "acted legally." "What happened to the innocent occupants is unacceptable and preventable, but that alone does not

Cops accuse family of stealing their own car, catch young children at gunpoint - no charges

  In his  previous couple of  words on this planet, an aspiring massage therapist from Aurora, Elijah McClain  may be  heard saying, “I’m an introvert. I’m just different. That’s all. I’m so sorry.  I've got  no gun. I don’t  try this  stuff. I don’t do any fighting. Why are you attacking me? I don’t even kill flies! I don’t eat meat! But I don’t judge people, I don’t judge  those who  do eat meat. Forgive me … I’m so sorry.” He was innocent, successful, and  a light-weight   during this  often dark world and Aurora police killed him for being different. Then, after they killed him, they went back to the scene of the crime and reenacted it for fun.  this is often  not some case of  a foul  apple.  this is often  systemic and sadistic and shortly after these atrocities, the department made the news  another time  —  now  for holding an innocent family at gunpoint and forcing  all  to  the bottom   due to  their own incompetence. Illustrating why  law enforcement officials  can  depa