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Four cops restrain a man in need of medical assistance while a dog is forced to maul him.

Families calling 911 for medical assistance with their loved ones frequently get police assistance instead. Over the years, the consequences of dispatching police to medical crises have been absolutely disastrous, with innocent individuals in need of a doctor being met with fists, batons, pepper spray, and even gunshots. Travis Moya is the latest victim of this heinous ineptitude, having been mauled in his front yard by a K-9 for requiring medical assistance. Moya's attorneys are now requesting that the policemen involved face criminal charges for their conduct that day. According to a statement released Thursday, “at this time, no complaint has been filed regarding this matter; however, in accordance with our policies, a use of force investigation is being conducted in this matter, as is done in any instance of a use of force incident involving one of our Officers.” According to Moya's lawyer, L. Chris Stewart, the event occurred on Sunday when he was "having a mental hea