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Cops Execute Teen on His Knees, Destroy Security Cameras, Block Autopsy from Family—Lawyer

After they murdered him, police at that point decimated all the cameras that may have gotten the cooperation before taking the DVR from the auto shop. Presently, as they guarantee "straightforwardness, " they are obstructing the consequences of the post-mortem examination from the family. As per police, delegates saw Andres Guardado, who was filling in as a security monitor at an auto body shop, streak a handgun before running towards two organizations, provoking representatives to seek after the suspect and lethally shoot him in the middle. "Delegates occupied with a short foot interest between the two organizations, sooner or later the representatives reached the suspect and that is the point at which the appointee included shooting happened, "the division said in its announcement.  They at that point asserted a weapon was found at the scene, a case the family questions. Additionally, it is essential to call attention to that Guardado, who was busy working,