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What is HAARP?

  HAARP is an ionospheric research project funded by the U.S. Air Force, its official facility is located in Gakuna, Alaska. Because of the high secrecy surrounding the government HAARP program, many theories have arisen to try to reveal its true nature. Purpose of HAARP. According to the official story, HAARP's purpose is to research the behavior of the ionosphere. Since 1993, HAARP has been in the hands of the military and it is said that those hands turned this tool into a weapon. Some of HAARP's weapons have already been used. Mind Control: HAARP has developed the ability to mind control or "Mood" control the population in entire regions. Certain extremely low-frequency waves can cause a person to feel good or depressed and affect their behavior. Weather Control: HAARP has developed the ability to manipulate the weather. HAARP can cause "Natural" disasters such as hurricanes tornados and thunderstorms and has already done this in Haiti and Japan. Earthqu