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Formerly Charged with Freddie Gray's Murder, Now in Charge of Investigating the Same Division

Following Freddie Gray's death in 2015, the practice of "nickel rides" would be revealed to the public. Lieutenant Brian Rice and Officers Edward Nero and Caesar Goodson were found not guilty. Sergeant Alicia White and Officers William Porter and Garrett Miller had their charges dropped by the state. No one was ever punished for killing Freddie Gray. No one was ever held accountable, and during the whole thing, several of these cops moved up in the ranks, got raises in pay, and new jobs. After her participation in Gray's murder, Sgt. White was promoted to captain in the Performance Standards Section of the Baltimore City Police Department earlier this month. In an ironic and sneaky move, a news release says that she will do audits and inspections to make sure that the force follows the rules while on duty. Hopefully, she is not responsible for enforcing correct procedures when cops transport detainees. According to the medical examiner, Gray's spinal cord was near