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DOJ Quietly Amends Execution Protocols, Clearing the manner for fuel Chambers, Firing Squads

  As the massive human experiment in tyranny, censorship, and fear — otherwise  referred to as  2020 —  involves   a detail , it just wouldn’t be complete without some  office  exhuming the ghost of despotism’s past.  within the  cherry on top of the dumpster fire  that's  2020, the  DoJ  has quietly amended its execution protocols,  not  requiring federal death sentences to be  meted out  by lethal injection and clearing the  thanks to  using other methods like firing squads and poisonous gas. This news comes on the heels of  the actual fact  that Attorney General William Barr restarted federal executions this year after a 17-year hiatus. Despite bipartisan resistance  to the present  measure, the DOJ has executed more Americans in 2020 than  they need   within the  previous five decades. Apparently, the feds have put  such a lot of  people to death this year that  they're  seemingly  tired of  their methodology and have moved to bring back gas chambers and death by firing squ

The Short, Fraught History of the ‘Thin Blue Line’ American Flag

  Now, Jacob is the president of Thin Blue Line USA, one of the largest online retailers devoted exclusively to sales of pro-police flags, T-shirts, neckwear and jewelry. Jacob said the flag was not a direct reaction to the first Black Lives Matter protests-an idea suggested by a previous origin story in Harper's-but he allows he may have first seen the thin blue line image after those protests spurred the circulation of pro-police imagery online. White understands how the thin blue line flag has become a part of police culture, and that officers may view it as a sign of solidarity, but he also worries about the message it sends to the public. In the 1950s, "The Thin Blue Line" was the title of a short-lived television show about the Los Angeles Police Department, masterminded by the chief, William H. Parker, who took advantage of Hollywood's proximity to make public relations a key part of his tenure. Criminologists Don L. Kurtz and Alayna Colburn have analyzed t

It’s Been 5 Years Since Sandra Bland Died in a Cage Over a Turn Signal Violation — Still No Justice

Sandra Bland - who died in reformatory after being arrested over failure to use her blinker - grew to be the image of America's horrific troubles of in-custody deaths over ridiculous arrests. It has been 5 years when you consider that the demise of bland and the household has but to reap justice outdoor of their civil suit. Last year, we realized that Bland filmed her personal arrest that fateful day and her video used to be suppressed for almost 4 years. The Bland family later claimed the video proves the officer knew Bland used to be now not a threat. The cellular telephone video suggests Bland did nothing however ask why she's being pulled from the car over a flip signal-a query all people would probably ask. Sandra Bland's case illustrates how a predatory police pressure can and will kidnap, cage, and enable you to die in that cage, for easy site visitors violations like failure to use a flip signal. It's been 5 years

How the Real Deep State is Using Divide So that We Can Be Conquered

How do you persuade a populace to include totalitarianism, that goose-stepping structure of tyranny in which the authorities have all of the electricity and "We the people" have none? You persuade the humans that the threat they face is so sinister, so overwhelming, so fearsome that the solely way to surmount the risk is by means of empowering the authorities to take all critical steps to quash it, even if that capability permitting authorities jackboots to trample all over the Constitution. Having offered into the false thought that the government does certainly understand what's great for us and can make certain no longer solely our security however our happiness and will take care of us from cradle to grave-that is, from daycare facilities to nursing homes-we have in certainty allowed ourselves to be bridled and became into slaves at the bidding of an authority that cares little for our freedoms or our happiness. The pickle we discover ourselves in speaks volumes abo

Hero Cop Stops Fellow Cop from Choking Handcuffed Man, So She was Beaten and Fired

“I don’t regret it, I’d do it again” Buffalo, NY — While killer cops get sent on paid vacations for the most heinous of acts, like the murder of Breonna Taylor, it is hard to imagine what it takes to get fired immediately. As TFTP has reported over the years, however, it turns out, the answer to getting fired is often times, simply being  a good cop . Former Buffalo Police Officer, Cariol Horne has been fighting for her pension since she was fired after 19 years on the force, over an incident in 2006 when she stopped a fellow officer from choking a handcuffed suspect. For her heroic actions, instead of getting rewarded and allowed to retire, Horne was beaten and fired. Since that day, despite not receiving her pension, Horne has dedicated much of her life to fighting police brutality. Cariol Horne @CariolHorne # buffalony # officerstopsbrutality 150 9:48 PM - Jun 4, 2020 Twitter Ads info and privacy 43 people