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The cops who killed Elijah McClain Walk as activists face decades in prison for protesting

  Imagine for  an instant  that  one or two  of “bad apple”  cops  attacked, choked, and forcibly drugged an innocent pillar of the community as he walked home from  the shop  — killing him. Imagine that we are told these cops committed no crime  after they  attacked this innocent man and killed him. Then, imagine after cops got away with killing him, other cops went back to the scene to re-enact the killing, while taking pictures to mock his death. Imagine  that individuals  then become very upset and demand a stop  to the current  police brutality and above the law murderous mentality. And, while these people are  within the  streets to demand cops stop killing innocent people, imagine  they're  arrested for it and face insanely long prison sentences as a result —  because the  killer cops walk free. There is no  must  imagine this, because  it's  exactly what happened in Aurora, Colorado. Several protesters — who never harmed anyone, destroyed no property and advocated no vi