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Dozens of Cops Assassinate an Innocent Mother, Beat Her, and Use Her Baby in a Propaganda Lie – Taxpayers Held Liable

Walter Wallace Jr.'s police shooting murder, a Philadelphia man in a mental health crisis who attacked cops with a knife, sparked widespread outrage in the city. Numerous incidents of police personnel being assaulted and fleeing from protesters on the first night of disturbance. On the second night, however, it looked as if the police were the ones rioting, and an innocent woman and her child were caught in the crossfire. Several riot police are seen swarming an SUV in a video uploaded to Twitter. They began bashing through all the windows on both sides for an unexplained purpose, with total disregard for anybody inside. When the driver's side door is opened, the driver is dragged from the car while police continue to beat him with their batons. He is pushed to the ground and continues to be beaten by the police. Rickia Young, the passenger, is also dragged from the car and assaulted. It's eerily similar to the Rodney King beating, but worse since a kid was involved. This M