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Dozens of Cops Assassinate an Innocent Mother, Beat Her, and Use Her Baby in a Propaganda Lie – Taxpayers Held Liable

Walter Wallace Jr.'s police shooting murder, a Philadelphia man in a mental health crisis who attacked cops with a knife, sparked widespread outrage in the city. Numerous incidents of police personnel being assaulted and fleeing from protesters on the first night of disturbance. On the second night, however, it looked as if the police were the ones rioting, and an innocent woman and her child were caught in the crossfire.

Several riot police are seen swarming an SUV in a video uploaded to Twitter. They began bashing through all the windows on both sides for an unexplained purpose, with total disregard for anybody inside. When the driver's side door is opened, the driver is dragged from the car while police continue to beat him with their batons. He is pushed to the ground and continues to be beaten by the police. Rickia Young, the passenger, is also dragged from the car and assaulted. It's eerily similar to the Rodney King beating, but worse since a kid was involved. This Monday, Philadelphia taxpayers were informed that they would be required to pay Young $2 million in restitution for what the police did to her that night.

On that fateful night, Young — who was unaware of the demonstrations — drove into a blocked-off roadway and attempted to turn around when a swarm of police surrounded her vehicle and started assaulting her. Young and her sixteen-year-old nephew were taken from their vehicle and brutally assaulted. Young's two-year-old was sleeping in his rear seat car seat when he was awakened by the sound of shattering glass. April Rice recorded the assault on film, which soon went viral when Young and her nephew were left beaten and bloodied for no reason.

“Her face was bleeding, and she seemed to have been assaulted by a swarm of passersby,” attorney Riley H. Ross III told The Washington Post.

Following Young's abduction, police abducted her son and brazenly exploited him in a false PR narrative on social media. Later that day, a photo of a female cop holding Young's son was posted on the National Fraternal Order of Police's Facebook page, along with claims that officers discovered Young's son "lost" and "wandering around barefoot," before asserting that officers are "the only thing standing between order and anarchy."

This was all a fabrication.

Ross III told The Post at the time, "It's propaganda." “Using this child to argue, 'This child was in danger, and the cops were just there to rescue him,' when the police were the ones who created the risk. That little child is frightened as a result of the police action.”

According to lawyers, Young was separated from her kid for hours until the boy's grandmother discovered him in a police vehicle miles away in Center City, with shattered glass in his car seat.

This is hardly the sight that should symbolise the ostensibly free country. This is a scene from a war-torn wasteland.

The fact that cops felt comfortable approaching the car and breaking out windows shows that they were not fearful of an armed person or the possibility of being driven over — nor were they concerned about responsibility. In other words, this large band of riot cops committed an act of physical assault against a family caught in the turmoil with no repercussions.

Though two cops have been dismissed and another 15 are awaiting internal disciplinary action, not a single policeman has been charged with a crime.

“To my mind, the video clearly shows that more than two policemen who were fired were involved in the physical assault,” Kevin Mincey, one of Young's lawyers, said. “I'm at a loss as to how those individuals were permitted to continue wearing the Philadelphia Police Department's uniform.”

In Anambra, three people were killed as they clashed with the police.

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