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An innocent woman ‘matched' a MALE suspect's description, police said.

In the land of the free, police officers will assert the power to follow, harass, and begin violence against you if you meet the description. Your innocence is irrelevant when police assert that you "look like a criminal." The bulk of the events covered on the PBWW channel website features innocent melanin guys, and police have no trouble trampling on their rights. However, in the following case, it was an innocent melanin lady who suffered – as a result of officers mistaking her for a male. Dawnyale Shanks had done no crime, hurt no one, and was almost murdered owing to police negligence on the night she was attacked with numerous lethal weapons aimed at her back, "execution style." Police reacted to a report of an armed robbery at a convenience shop near Shanks' hotel over the weekend. They were provided with a description of the suspect — a guy — who ran to that motel when they got on location. The fact that the suspect was a guy apparently made no difference

Unarmed Man Executed by Police for 'Pointing Finger Like a Gun' - Taxpayers to Bear Responsibility

  Donnie Sanders, 47, was driving down the road on March 12, 2020, minding his own thing when a Kansas City police officer started tailing him. Sanders would be shot and died moments later. He was unarmed and had done no damage to anybody. The Jackson County Prosecutor's Office said in March that no charges will be brought in Sanders' death because prosecutors allege Sanders raised his fingers or hand in the form of a pistol, justifying the unnamed officer shooting four bullets into the unarmed victim. Sanders' family is now suing the Board of Police Commissioners and the officer who shot him after two years of trying and failing to get justice. According to the federal complaint, Blayne Newton, the cop who shot Sanders three times, used excessive force. According to the Kansas City Star, the complaint also accuses the Board of Police Commissioners of failing to adequately educate and punish police personnel on the use of lethal force. These activities eventually resulted i

During a traffic stop, a cop intervenes and prevents another cop from 'groping' a woman's vagina.

The taxpayers of Louisville, Kentucky, were informed this week that they would be on the hook for tens of thousands of dollars to compensate for one of the city's finest's despicable deeds. The money is part of a settlement for a lawsuit brought against the city after an officer's groping of a lady. Without the presence of another officer, the groping accusation may never have been established. Fortunately, the officer was wearing a body camera and had the will to halt Gelnett's sexual attack. Kali Coates was with her boyfriend and family when she was pulled over by police on Jan. 5, 2019, for a routine traffic infraction, according to the complaint. Gelnett claimed to "smell marijuana" during the stop and forced Coates out of the car before "inappropriately" putting his hands in her "crotch region" and then into her underpants, the complaint alleges. After sexually abusing Coates in front of her car, Gelnett escorted her to the rear of the

Police attack and arrest 12-year-old boy for stealing his own bike

There is an all-too-frequent scenario that repeats itself throughout the United States: innocent melanin individuals are accused of stealing or breaking into their own property. We've seen individuals attacked and detained, or sometimes murdered and killed, for attempting to break into their own automobiles or move into their own houses. While the majority of these victims of racial profiling are adults, as the following instance indicates, the victim of racial profiling is sometimes a youngster. Jamir Bradford, 12, was riding his bike in his neighbourhood late last month like numerous children do around the nation. Police say they responded to a report of a stolen bicycle and immediately targeted the boy, alleging he "matched the description." However, according to the boy's mother and the absence of charges, the bike was never stolen. Rather than that, on Feb. 20, two males in a pickup vehicle approached Jamir and accused him of stealing the bike. Rather than merely

Cop Becomes Activist Following the Execution of Her Innocent Teen Son While Sleeping During a Raid on the Wrong Person

Isaiah Williams, 19, had grandiose ambitions. He had just graduated from high school and, like his mother, was seeking a career in government service. Unfortunately, that life will never arrive since it was cut short in the middle of the night by officers executing a no-knock warrant. Williams was not the intended target of the warrant, yet he was executed while sleeping on a couch. "Police said the gunman, 19-year-old Isaiah Tyree Williams, opened fire after cops smashed a window and entered the apartment between Nellis Boulevard and Vegas Valley Drive at approximately 5 a.m. on Monday," a report from a local CBS station said. However, the issue is whether protecting your house against armed attackers qualifies you as a "shooter." Latia Alexander, Williams' mother, agrees, as do a large number of people who have now resorted up oppose Williams' death. "It's been incredibly difficult; some days I've had really awful days and other days I've