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Cops Knock on Innocent Family’s Door, Execute Dad 3 Seconds After He Opens It

Ryan Whitaker, forty, and father of had devoted no crime had harmed nobody and turned into simply answering his door whilst Phoenix police officer Jeff Cooke dumped three rounds into him — killing him in cold blood. In truth, it became so vague that officer Cooke and his companion officer John Ferragamo joked about how ridiculous it turned into as they walked to Whitaker’s front door. Nees asks the officials why they may be there inside the first location and the officers advised them they obtained a call about the yelling. Nees then proceeds to inform the officials Whitaker replied with the gun because a few days earlier, someone suspiciously knocked on his door and fled before he could see them via the peephole. As AZ's primary reports, in line with the police report, Cooke later that night advised detectives that he shot Whitaker due to the fact he feared for his lifestyles. Ferragamo later tells some other officer at the scene that he would have completed the ide