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Officials Fired After Forcing Mentally unwell women to provide beginning alone in jail Cells

  Tammy Jackson was pregnant and in  solitary  for a trespassing charge—unable to pay her own bail—when she went into labor. Her cries for help went unanswered by officers at the jail, and as a result, she gave birth by herself, and her daughter Miranda spent her first moments on Earth  in a very  dark concrete room designed  to carry  serial killers. The fact that a mother gave birth by herself  in an exceedingly  concrete cell is horrifying and one would think that the Broward County Sheriff’s office would take action  to form  sure it never happened again. However, one would be wrong. Last month, another  unstable  woman was forced  to provide  birth to her son  in an exceedingly   prison cell ,  in line with  a letter sent to Broward Sheriff Gregory Tony by the Broward Public Defender’s Office. “She was denied the dignity of a  single bed   and therefore the  assistance of a physician,”  consistent with  the letter, signed by Executive  helper   lawyer  Gordon H. Weekes Jr. “The re