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Report Claims Cops Acted Within Policy When Surrounding Man, Executing Him in Firing Squad Fashion

 An awful mobile phone video was uploaded to Instagram showing multiple police officers surround Mario Woods and then publicly execute him as he attempted to stroll away. Now, after nearly five years, San Francisco’s police watchdog discovered that the officials involved within the execution of Woods did honestly use needless pressure, however, the agency did now not searching for discipline towards them as it did no longer violate coverage, newly released information show.

Five of the 8 officials opened fire on Woods that day and the force they used changed into all deemed pointless. However, the branch of Police responsibility blamed the high-profile capturing of policy disasters in place of law enforcement officials. The findings of this document were launched this week.

The document determined that the SFPD’s police at the time definitely condoned the officers’ execution of Woods.

“Arguably, the named officials’ conduct at the moment they used deadly pressure can be determined in policy in light of the branch’s Use of Firearm coverage that existed on the time of the incident,” the record states. “In reality, SFPD did discover the officials’ conduct inside the coverage. But, when thinking about the entire chain of events that led to the officials’ use of lethal pressure, the DPA concludes that excessive pressure allegation is the end result of a coverage failure.”

Clearly, the police union blasted the record that claimed the police officers dumping countless rounds into a mentally sick man armed with a small knife trying to stroll away was “unreasonable.” The union claimed the research police conducted of themselves turned into sufficient to exonerate all who had been concerned.

“regulation enforcement specialists investigated this example and determined that our officials acted inside the law and branch coverage,” Tony Montoya, president of the San Francisco cops affiliation stated. “We believe their professional know-how over that of political appointees.”

Due to the fact cops investigating themselves has tested to be perfect each time, right?

Of their eyes, this is precisely right, all 5 of the officers who shot Woods — Charles August, Winson Seto, Nicholas Cuevas, Scott Phillips, Antonio Santos — stay with the SFPD, stated police spokesman Officer Robert Rueca.

As we pronounced on the time, police have been searching out a suspect in a crime and Woods fit the description.

As the short video starts, Woods seems harassed and out of it, however, he isn't charging at any of the multiple officials standing around him with their guns drawn. In truth, the person seems to be maintaining his stomach and is in misery, possibly from a bean bag shot moments earlier.

He then stands up instantly and attempts to walk away.

At this moment, the lady filming is in so much affliction that she drops down the phone before a fury of gunfire can be heard being unleashed on the man.

“It looks as if an execution,” a resident informed the San Francisco Police Commission. “that is why we want cameras and video.”

As mission local reports, in June 2019, Gwen Woods, Mario’s mother, settled a lawsuit with the city for $400,000 — an agreement which could be large if a choice hadn’t granted the officials qualified immunity.

Beneath is the disturbing footage. As you watch it, take into account that this public execution became part of the SFPD’s coverage.

“If you may execute a person with eight distinct officials surrounding him — and break out with it — then I have no confidence,” Nancy Pili, a venture District police responsibility activist stated, adding “If there aren't any consequences, there’s no confidence.”

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