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Fired Cop Kills Man, 3 Dogs, Gets Rehired and Shoots Innocent Dad Through a Door — Still a Cop

A valid example, the accompanying story out of South Carolina in which a cop approached an honest man's home, shot him through the window, lied about it, and the office decided that he "violated no laws". The evening of June 14, 2019, Dick Tench and his significant other were sound sleeping when Greenville County appointee Kevin Azzara approached the couple's home, rang the doorbell, and afterward shot Tench multiple times before he could even open the entryway. The whole scene was caught on the officer's body camera, and the office's unique adaptation of occasions didn't coordinate the video by any means. In spite of the conspicuous inconsistencies between what the division asserted occurred and what really happened, Azzara was managed defended in his activities. 

Azzara was ended from a New Jersey police division for an unjustified shooting when he turned into a rover cop before moving to South Carolina, who happily employed the risky official. "That was our situation from the earliest starting point, that he overstepped no laws, he broke no arrangements, he didn't do anything incorrectly, " Michael Laubshire, a lawyer with the South Carolina Fraternal Order of Police who is speaking to Azzara, revealed to The Greenville News. As per the association, approaching a blameless man's home and endeavoring to kill him as he glances out the window is totally inside strategy. Normally, this is an announcement with which Tench and his legitimate group firmly differ. 

"Was taking cover behind a divider and shot me at a 45-degree point, " Tench said. Tench concedes in a claim that he has a disguised weapons license and was holding a firearm that night yet not even once pointed it at the official. Likewise, he was inside his own home and had perpetrated no wrongdoing. "Dick Tench despite everything has a slug in his hip that helps him to remember the shooting each day, " Tench's lawyer, Beattie Ashmore, said. 

"Fortunately the body camera video demonstrates that Dick was shot in his own home through his front entryway window. Tench never at any point got an opportunity to open the entryway and was only glancing through the window when the trigger upbeat delegate started shooting at him. "The Sheriff's Office's announcement for a considerable length of time after the shooting was that my customer opened his front entryway and focused on a delegate and you can see that body cam - that closes that adaptation, Ashmore disclosed to The Greenville News a year ago after the Sheriff's Office discharged the clasps of film. As the video shows, the sound on the body camera is quiet for the initial 30 seconds, including when the agent shot his firearm. 

It never sees out open, totally destroying the office's cases. Anyway, the sound gets the discussion after the shooting, plainly demonstrating the untrustworthy idea of the appointee and the office. 

"Who right? What are you doing here? " asks Tench as he sits on the ground with numerous slug gaps in him. "I saw lights and I heard the entryway chime ring, so I got my weapon. I'm a covered weapons fellow ". A few seconds after the fact, Tench asks, "For what reason did you do that?" and the representative reacts, "You pointed a weapon at me, man. The man answers, "Man, you went to my home at 12 PM, I'm resting. " 

" We don't have an alert, "says Tench. Tench saw reflections from the representative's spotlight and came to see who was at his home, thinking about whether a gatecrasher had broken into his home, Ashmore said, as indicated by Greenville News. "He conveys a covered weapons license, " Ashmore said. Tench was struck once in the pelvis and once in the aortic supply route. 

The shot in his pelvis should stay in the 63-year-elderly person's body for an incredible remainder. TFTP anticipated that this appointee would not deal with any indictments as this is the standard working method for most offices. Anyway, we had no clue about that Azzara had been in this circumstance before. As per SLED documents, Azzara is no more interested in shooting and in any event, executing individuals. 

Only two years prior, in 2017, Azzara shot and slaughtered a Simpsonville man. At the point when the division discharged the video, they did as such with their official story, endeavoring to legitimize each move the official made en route. As you watch the video beneath, recall that this man had hurt nobody, overstepped no law, and was securely snoozing in his home when a cop went to his entryway and shot him. Had the man who shot Tench been an ordinary resident, have confidence that a manhunt would have been propelled and news cautions turned out.

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