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After cops cuffed, berated, and abused a 5-year-old boy at school, a bill to hold cops accountable was proposed.

Montgomery County Council President Tom Hucker has drafted a bill to hold cops more accountable to prevent future abuse. The bill would require the police chief to notify the County Executive and County Council within 24 hours if it's requested. It would also require the Police Chief to inform the State's Attorney's Office within seven days of becoming aware of a potential criminal offense by a Department employee.  In Montgomery County, Maryland, a five-year-old boy was taunted by police officers for not wanting to go to school. The boy's parents have filed a lawsuit against the county, the county board of education, and the police chief. They say the officers were "out harming children" and the chief knew about it and did nothing. A video released by the boy's mother shows the officers threatening violence and telling him he will be spanked.

Cops Cuff, Berate, and Threaten a 5-Year-Old Boy for Misbehaving at School

The utterly infuriating, sickening, and disturbing footage was released over the weekend showing  the character  of the expanding  absolutism  into schools.  within the  video, a five-year-old boy is detained, abused, handcuffed, and taunted by two Montgomery County  cops  who have zero business possessing a badge and a gun. The incident  passed off  last year but the footage from the officers’ body cameras was just released as  a part of  a lawsuit brought on by the boy’s parents.  within the  video,  law enforcement officials  detain the boy because he allegedly acted  get in  school  then  walked off-campus. What should  are   a peaceful  conversation and chat about the boy’s poor decisions, morphed into a bully match  within which   the 2  cops  seemed to  want to outdo  one another  on  the amount  of abuse  they might  dish out. The video begins when the officers  obtain  the boy near  the college . From the get-go, the officers were angry and abusive, taunting the boy and daring