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Police officers Who Bragged About Being ‘Bad Boys’ Busted in Cocaine Trafficking Conspiracy

 As John Dalberg-Acton famously stated, “Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Great men are nearly always bad men…” When society grants authority to people — who are liable to corruption — over and over, these people will use this authority to counterpoint themselves and violate the laws of the system that grants them their power. thanks to the war on drugs, bad cops are put into positions all the time that enables them to form money breaking laws which they're going to arrest others for violating.

Two of these corrupt cops are Miami-Dade County officers Roderick Flowers and Keith Edwards Jr. who was arrested last week for his or her participation in a very cocaine trafficking conspiracy. They were doomed from the beginning of this venture, however, because the cocaine was fake, and therefore the people paying them to traffic it had been DEA agents.

The bad luck for these self-proclaimed “bad boys” started when the DEA began meeting with a money launderer for the Sinaloa Cartel earlier this year, Manuel Hernandez. Hernandez helped launder quite $100,000 for the DEA source and commenced investing in cocaine shipments, in keeping with the DEA.

Two months ago, Hernandez bragged to the undercover DEA agents that he had Miami cops on his payroll. As WINK reports, in September, the source asked Hernandez if a politician could identify a registration number plate number for him. Hernandez got the data back within 10 minutes. The DEA says computer records show it had been Flowers who searched the plate.

Now that the DEA source knew that Hernandez wasn't bluffing about having Miami cops on the payroll, the source told him that he needed the cops to supply protection to maneuver a shipment of cocaine. Flowers quickly obliged and even bragged about his shooting prowess, adding that he had another cop friend who could help.

Flowers, whose dad may be a captain in a very suburb of Miami and whose sister is additionally a cop, then founded a gathering to introduce Edwards to the DEA source. The DEA says Edwards agreed to require a part, saying that while he understood the source’s business, his job would be to produce personal protection and he would don't have anything to try to do with the particular drugs, saying he's a “cop’s cop.” The source also paid him $5,000, WINK reported.

Edwards and Flowers then traveled with the source who picked up what they thought was an enormous amount of cocaine, 10 kilos, and moved it 50 miles to a hotel. in an exceedingly move that could’ve been in an exceedingly Hollywood movie, after they trafficked the fake cocaine, the DEA source hugged both cops and said “welcome to the Sinaloa Cartel.”

Fast forward to last week and after the DEA and FBI built their case, these two corrupt cops were arrested.

Ironically enough, these two cops often acted as if they were the “Bad Boys” from Hollywood movies. Flowers even used the name “Mike Lowrey” as his Instagram handle.

Edwards posted a photograph of himself and Flowers dressed up because the fictional detectives with the caption: “We ride together. We die together. Bad Boys 4 Life.”

It is important to show that America’s war on drugs is what created this complete scenario. If drugs were legal, there would be no cartel smuggling cocaine, and also the temptation from bad cops to assist the cartels' traffic it, would be non-existent.

Luckily, people are commencing to realize this and last night’s election leads to Oregon prove it. Oregon just made a large breakthrough in destroying the war on drugs by becoming the primary state in history to decriminalize ALL DRUGS. Once other states see the positive benefits from this move, it'll undoubtedly begin to spread and therefore the DEA will become the dinosaur agency it should become decades ago.

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