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🚨The Box Interrogation Room w/ Joe & Marie

It's the ideal opportunity for a change !! The Case Cross-examination Room w/Joe and Marie each Wednesday, from 6 PM Until 8 PM EST on Hits92.3 ATL Live on air by means of advanced -  Today around evening time's portions incorporate  The Police Report - On August 24, 2019, 23 yo Elijah McClain of Aurora, CO was halted after a 911 guest had depicted a "dubious individual," as per a police diagram of the occurrence.  Selective Meeting w/NYPD Lt. Raymond Edwin. He will examine his running for NYC Committee fourth Area. ✊🏾  We should Discuss It! - The Scottsboro Preliminaries were among the most notorious scenes of legitimate foul play in the Jim Crow South. The occasions that finished in the preliminaries started in the late-winter of 1931 when nine youthful individuals of color were dishonestly blamed for assaulting two white ladies on a train. Additionally, we will discuss the jury choice procedure and the significance of going to jury obl