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Kids Held at Gunpoint as Cop Kicks Kneeling Mom in the Face—Over Vehicle Registration

As the subsequent case illustrates, the country is willing to preserve kids at gunpoint while beating and arresting their mother for failing to pay the country for a vehicle registration decal. The cop then jumps on top of her as he continues scolding the female. The cop then grabs the lady by way of the handcuffs and yanks her so tough she comes off the ground. "especially after what is occurred and all the protests going on adore it felt like none of that is making an exchange due to the fact police brutality will continually exist. It became sad to be honest, mainly listening to the youngsters in hysteria inside the again." He advised citizens to prevent brief of judging the officers who held small children at gunpoint while savagely abusing their mother - due to vehicle registration. As Mercury News reports, Garcia stated police had sought the silver vehicle for every week, after officers attempted to pull it over for expired registration on July 18 and its

In a Major Move, City ENDS Police Traffic Stops, Will Cut the Police Budget in Half

As TFTP said in advance this week, the city of Berkeley, California proposed ending police traffic enforcement. The pass comes after claims that cops all too frequently strengthen minor visitors stops into deadly situations. The council authorized Mayor Jesse Arreguin's omnibus degree, which includes elements, which includes developing a department of Transportation that will make and put into effect visitors stops, as opposed to make use of Berkeley police officers, rent a consultant to investigate police calls and responses, and determine which calls may be replied by way of non-cops, as well as placing a goal to lessen the police budget via 50%. The Berkeley city Council had recently authorised a metropolis price range that decreased police department spending with the aid of $nine.two million, or approximately 12% of the police finances. "most visitors stops don't actually warrant a police officer," stated Darrell Owens, the co-executive of East Bay for ev

Serial Killer Cop Pleads Guilty to Dozens of Rapes and Murders — Avoids Death Penalty

Joseph James DeAngelo was a cop in Coppery, California, who was terminated after he was discovered taking pooch repellent and a mallet. He is currently confessing to doing the wrongdoing binge that stunned the state. Paul Belli, an analyst with the Sacramento Region Police Office, was allotted the decades-old strategic locate the Brilliant State Executioner, who was likewise blamed for 150 break-ins. "This is a period we need to take to recognize this sequential wrongdoer who was likely one of the most productive, absolutely in California, conceivably in the US, yet additionally to tell the casualties that we'll never surrender, "Belli said in June 2016.  The Brilliant Express Executioner's violations for the most part followed a wiped out usual methodology where he would split into homes, tie up the spouse and spot supper plates on his back and assault the wife, at the same time promising to kill the couple if any plate fell and broke. A portion of his diffe

Cops Ordered to Turn Off Body Cams, Illegally Raid Journalist Who Embarrassed Them, And They Obeyed

Independent writer Bryan Carmody succumbed to the police state in California a year ago as different San Francisco cops with sledge mallets and weapons started separating his entryway with an end goal to discover his hotspot for a spilled police report. The whole attack was illicit as it so happens, and now, we have discovered that requests originated from the top educating officials to shroud the activities of the unlawful strike by not wearing body cameras. The Correspondents Board of trustees, which was made in 1970 to battle the illicit demonstration Carmody was struck over, presented an open records demand and acquired a notice with the subject "BWC use" as to the unlawful strike on the writer. "The way that officials were told not to utilize their bodycams during an illicit strike of a columnist's house is profoundly disturbing" the city of San Francisco reported they will be paying $ 369, 000 to settle asserts over its police assault on Carmody's ho

Cops Thought They Got Away With Stealing $620K from Cannabis Farm, But Court Forced Them to Return It

Medical marijuana has been legal in California for over two decades, since 1996. Recreationally, California voters approved the Adult Use of Marijuana Act (Proposition 64), in November 2016, legalizing it for everyone else. Despite cannabis being legal in the state, police departments — addicted to kicking in doors and robbing peaceful pot growers and seizing their assets — continue to wage a war on this plant and many of the upstanding citizens who grow it. With all the grim news lately in regards to police overreach, it is refreshing to see some of these departments get put in their place. The following story is just that. In January, the Santa Barbara County sheriff’s office along with investigators from the California Department of Food and Agriculture Cal Cannabis and the Department of Fish and Wildlife served a search warrant at an entirely legal and licensed cannabis farm. After they raided entirely peaceful and legal cannabis growers, the sheriff’s office took to  the

California Cops & Convictions; Resignations, Lewd Conduct and much more

DeKalb Sheriff Jeff Mann resigns; Constable charged in death of 19 yr old indiginous man and Deep Ellum bartender indicted in assault of black woman, L’Daijohnique Lee and more For over two decades, Retired Los Angeles Police Department(LAPD) Sergeant Cheryl Dorsey worked exclusively in patrol and specialized units in all four Bureaus within the City of Los Angeles; South, Central, West and Valley. In addition to various patrol division assignments, Sgt. Dorsey was assigned to the infamous gang unit in Operations South Bureau; known as Community Resources Against Street Hoodlums (C.R.A.S.H.) under the command of Police Chief Daryl F. Gates From an LAPD insider’s perspective, Sgt. Dorsey candidly discusses police culture, policy, and training as well as exposing disparities that disproportionately affect minority communities throughout the nation. As a police professional, Sgt. Dorsey introduces strategies on how to systematically attack those injustices, educate and empower list