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Family Sues as Video indicates police officers Kill man on ‘live PD’ Over Headlights, Crying, ‘i will Breathe’

  Javier Ambler, a 40-year-old postal worker, was on his way home from a friendly  poker  when he allegedly made  the error  of failing  to show  off his brights when passing another vehicle.  this is often  something everyone who is reading  this text  has likely done at some point in their life. However, because Ambler drove past a Williamson County sheriff’s deputy, an hour later, he’d be dead. Because the officers who killed him  weren't  held accountable, relatives of Ambler filed the excessive force complaint  in the week .  in line with  the NY Daily News, the 29-page lawsuit lays  move into  chilling detail how Ambler, a 400-pound former  high school   footballer  who suffered from  cardiovascular disease  and obesity, ended up dead  within the  custody of Williamson County Sheriff’s Deputies JJ Johnson and Zachary Camden on March 28, 2019. Ambler has killed last year and investigators with the Williamson County sheriff’s department investigated themselves and determined th