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Cop Walks in spite of 36 costs and eight girls Accusing Him of On-obligation Sexual assault

  Last year, not one, not two, but eight different women came forward and accused former Wilkes-Barre  policeman  Robert Collins of sexually assaulting them while he was on duty. Collins was first arrested in January 2019 and again in June of 2019 after state police gathered enough evidence of the repeated sexual assaults. Despite these allegations, however, Collins recently walked free. “This cost me my career. I should still be a Wilkes-Barre  law officer ,” said Collins, 55, who retired in February 2019, a month after state police accused him of sexually assaulting women while on duty. “You don’t know what  I've got   more established  for the past 19 months. Ridiculous. I and my family have  seasoned  hell.” Prosecutors accused Collins of using his badge to sexually assault  the ladies  under the threat of jail. He was accused of pulling them over and bringing them to dark areas  so  raping them under duress. As reports, throughout the trial, the prosecution p