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Cop Walks Up to Innocent Man, Tasers and Beats Him Simply Because He Could

Fairfax County police Officer Tyler Timberlake is on the road to being held accountable this week after a grand jury indicted him on Monday on 3 misdemeanor counts of assault and battery. The indictment specifies three alleged incidents of assault and battery: the primary, whilst Timberlake used a “Taser tool to hearth a dart” into the individual’s frame even as he modified into popularity, the jury located; the second, while Timberlake allegedly struck the man’s head together with his “fist and/or the butt of a Taser tool”; and the zero.33 matter, Timberlake’s allegedly the usage of a “Taser tool to fireplace a dart” into the person’s frame while he changed into on the ground, regular with WTOP. This indictment is notable considering the reality that very last week, Timberlake possibly notion he’d gotten away with it after going via the same charges exceptional to have them dropped by means of the use of U. S. A. Prosecutors for “procedural motives. “This means that