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Cop Walks Up to Innocent Man, Tasers and Beats Him Simply Because He Could

Fairfax County police Officer Tyler Timberlake is on the road to being held accountable this week after a grand jury indicted him on Monday on 3 misdemeanor counts of assault and battery.

The indictment specifies three alleged incidents of assault and battery: the primary, whilst Timberlake used a “Taser tool to hearth a dart” into the individual’s frame even as he modified into popularity, the jury located; the second, while Timberlake allegedly struck the man’s head together with his “fist and/or the butt of a Taser tool”; and the zero.33 matter, Timberlake’s allegedly the usage of a “Taser tool to fireplace a dart” into the person’s frame while he changed into on the ground, regular with WTOP.

This indictment is notable considering the reality that very last week, Timberlake possibly notion he’d gotten away with it after going via the same charges exceptional to have them dropped by means of the use of U. S. A. Prosecutors for “procedural motives.

“This means that we can now appear in advance to a jury trial on the way to provide our network an opportunity to weigh in in this vital cause,” said Steve Descano, the commonwealth’s attorney for Fairfax County, in an assertion in reaction to the indictment.

“I don't forget the network’s involvement in determining this rely on quantity is essential and is why we pursued and obtained these days’ grand jury indictments,” Descano said.

Preventing short of admitting any wrongdoing — whilst simultaneously claiming Timberlake is innocent — the officer’s legal professionals blamed the tasering at the truth that Timberlake mistook the sufferer, l.  A. Monta Gladney, for an exclusive character who he concept had a criminal file.

In line with Timberlake, in case you confuse a harmless guy with a criminal after which taser beat that character without provocation — you probably did now not anything incorrect.

Police claim they stopped Gladney that day due to the fact he modified into “pacing and mumbling” which does not take place to be against the law at all.

As the video suggests, the opportunity officers at the scene are being superb to Gladney, asking whether or no longer or not he needs a scientific hobby.

First Timberlake deploys the taser without provocation earlier than punching the innocent guy, throwing him down and kneeling on his lower back on the identical time as pistol-whipping him with the taser.

At one thing for the duration of the attack, Gladney yelled, “I can’t breathe.

Despite the fact that Timberlake faces no expenses for it, in keeping with Deputy Commonwealth’s lawyer 

In an ill twist of irony, whilst Timberlake was at the start arrested, he changed into trying to come to be a gypsy cop and  “changed into already within the technique of moving to Minneapolis” — the metropolis wherein George Floyd changed into brutally murdered with the aid of way of law enforcement officials just like Timberlake.

The Fairfax police union is now calling for the resignation of chief Ed 

“inside the case of Officer Timberlake, your egregious actions and slanderous statements, have efficaciously ended the profession and impugned the recognition of a Fairfax County Police Officer,” the union wrote on FB.

Displaying really how an entire lot the department consents with the above declaration is that in keeping with a survey done through the usage of the union, 98% of the officials need

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