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The cop attacks the innocent woman, rips off the badge to challenge the man to fight

 Often, people wonder why others don’t immediately stop after they see the red and blue lights come on behind them while driving. And, time and again, cops are seen on video after video showing exactly why one would be wary of stopping.

Xavier Tate, 23, was targeted for extortion for an arbitrary “traffic infraction” last week when he failed to immediately manoeuverin keeping with Tate’s aunt, Shanika Fletcher, Tate was scared to prevent along the roadside and opted to drive to his home so he could feel safe during the stop.

Tate’s mother, Lakita Fletcher said she’s always told her son to drive to a secure place if police ever attempt to pull him over, and he did exactly that.

“I always told my son, with what’s happening within the world without delay with these cops jumping on these young Black men, if they ever drag you, son, you're taking them to a store somewhere that’s open where you are feeling safe, or either if you shut to home, you get through,” she said.

Unfortunately for Tate, this made the cops more frightened and when Tate have to be compelled to his home, he would be looking down the barrels of two police firearms.

The stop was captured on a bystander’s cellphone. The video begins with Tate on the bottom and Shanika Fletcher attempting to inform the officers what was occurring.

When Fletcher asks the officer why Tate was on the bottom, the officer tells her that he didn’t stop when he should have. Fletcher then tells the officer that he was trying to be safe by driving home and asks how the officer would feel if he were in Tate’s position.

The officer replies, “I get that, yes ma’am. I got you.”

Tate’s mother, Lakeita Fletcher then joins the protest and says she goes to call council Member Devyn Keith. As both women accept the truth of things, the scene calms down a small amount until a cop, identified by his badge as officer Worley shows up.

Clearly expecting to escalate the incident, Worley walks up to Shanika Fletcher whilst donning his black gloves — a move many cops make just before dishing out violence.

Without provocation, Worley immediately grabs Shanika Fletcher’s right arm. She yells, “You ain’t touching me!” Worley then begins spinning the innocent woman around before he and another officer slam her to the bottom.

“Sir! You can’t just do that! Stop!” yells the girl recording the video, identified by WZDX as Zelnita Williams, 22.

As the officers attempt to force Shanika onto her stomach from her side, Shanika says she is complying.

“I’ll offer you my hands,” she said. But before she could comply, another officer walks over and kicks her arm out from under her.

The video then cuts out and turns back on after Williams’ boyfriend, Dantraeon Calvert, 29, arrives. Calvert then asks why Lakeita is in handcuffs.

“She wouldn’t stop interfering with the investigation,” Worley says, failing to say that Lakeita was only being vocal because Worley attacked her sister for no reason.

Another more rational officer then walks up and explains that Tate is being arrested because he “slow-rolled the full way” from where they attempted to prevent him which Tate’s aunt refused to maneuver off from the vehicle, which is obstruction, and his mom pulled off from the officer, also obstruction.

In other words, cops created multiple crimes without victims so as to kidnap three otherwise entirely innocent people.

After getting uninterested in the police seemingly oppressing them, Calvert raises his voice.

“Why did you are doing that?” Calvert yells at Worley, inquiring about why he took down Shanika Fletcher. “I don’t need to backups**t! My father is a politician so if I want to call him down here, I don’t have any problem.”

Worley seemingly took this as another opportunity to inflict pain and suffering and proceeded to induce within the face of Calvert.

“Now you asked me to copy and you walked au fait me,” Calvert says. “Hold up! Shut the f**k up and stop reproval me like I said before you get it!”

“No, you're thinking that that simply because you’re a cop that you simply can do anything to anybody, and that’s wrong. Period,” Calvert says.

Worley then rips off his velcro badge and says, “I don’t care,” in an overt try and challenge Calvert to a fight.

“What the hell does that mean?” Calvert says.

Luckily, Calvert didn’t take the bait and though he continued to yell, he secured as he did it.

“I just watched them slam a girl on the bottom for no reason,” he says.

After the video was posted online Lt. Jesse Sumlin, Huntsville’s Public Information Officer, said, “We are attentive to the video. The video is under investigation. Until the investigation is completed we’ll speak more on the incident.”

In Anambra, three people were killed as they clashed with the police.

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