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School shocked as Cop Hit with 52 charges Over horrifying Sexual Torture of children

  The students at Winthrop University in Rock Hill, SC likely felt secure  after they  saw University  peace officer  Charles Eugene Price in his uniform patrolling the campus. However, they  not  feel that way now after the announcement of his arrest  together with  a slew of charges  associated with  the repeated abuse and sexual torture of multiple children. “I think it’s really scary especially because those are the  those who  are  imagined to  be protecting us and helping us,” said student Nikki Delissio. Scary indeed.  in line with  the South Carolina  Enforcement  Division (SLED), the alleged child predator officer was arrested on October 16. He was initially charged with just two counts of Criminal Sexual Conduct with Minor under 11 years  old  first-degree and Criminal Sexual Conduct first-degree. However, after further investigation, that has since changed. SLED has since tacked on dozens of more charges  because the  investigation continues and hit Price with 49 additional