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Unarmed Man Executed by Police for 'Pointing Finger Like a Gun' - Taxpayers to Bear Responsibility

  Donnie Sanders, 47, was driving down the road on March 12, 2020, minding his own thing when a Kansas City police officer started tailing him. Sanders would be shot and died moments later. He was unarmed and had done no damage to anybody. The Jackson County Prosecutor's Office said in March that no charges will be brought in Sanders' death because prosecutors allege Sanders raised his fingers or hand in the form of a pistol, justifying the unnamed officer shooting four bullets into the unarmed victim. Sanders' family is now suing the Board of Police Commissioners and the officer who shot him after two years of trying and failing to get justice. According to the federal complaint, Blayne Newton, the cop who shot Sanders three times, used excessive force. According to the Kansas City Star, the complaint also accuses the Board of Police Commissioners of failing to adequately educate and punish police personnel on the use of lethal force. These activities eventually resulted i