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Cops Pursue Unarmed 13-Year-Old Boy, Shoot Him When He Raises His Hands

Another unarmed 13-year-old was shot by Chicago police officers. The boy's hands were up, he posed no danger, and he was only a passenger in a car that was suspected of being stolen. This Monday, the boy's parents filed a lawsuit against the city and the Chicago police department, alleging that CPD's "long sordid history of deploying excessive force" contributed to the shooting of their son. Since he was shot on May 18, the kid known only as A.G. in the complaint has been hospitalised in serious condition. According to the complaint, the bullet struck him in the spine and has left him with "permanent and catastrophic" injuries. A.G. was fleeing the gunman, he was unarmed, and he presented no danger to the officer who shot him or anybody else in the area, according to the complaint. "Multiple witnesses at the scene testified that A.G. obeyed the officers' instruction to raise his hands, and his hands were definitely up when John Doe Officer shot

Indignation as Cop Who Murdered Unarmed Teen Gets Released from Prison Early

In October 2018, four years after shooting and killing 17-year-old Laquan McDonald, former Chicago police officer Jason Van Dyke was convicted guilty of second-degree murder and sixteen counts of aggravated violence with a firearm. He was sentenced to only six years and nine months in jail in January 2019. While the punishment is obviously lenient in light of the multitude of offences committed, what little justice was being served came to an end this week when officials revealed that Van Dyke will be freed early after completing less than half of his term. Now, campaigners are pushing for the federal prosecution of this murdered officer. "You've got a white guy who killed a child on tape, shooting him 16 times in cold blood," neighbourhood leader William Calloway said. "And the federal government has made no attempt to intervene. That is unjust. That is a kind of racism. We have to call it by its true name." Calloway and other activists are now pushing for the

Good Cop Forced Out for Exposing Corruption Says Fellow Cop Put Gun to His Head to Scare Him

In 2015, the loose concept challenge delivered you the extraordinary story of the whistleblower Chicago Police officer, Shannon Spalding who became retaliated towards by means of her fellow law enforcement officials for exposing corruption. But, being true police officers got them threatened with “going domestic in a casket.” for the reason that then, we have suggested on limitless similar incidents in which suitable cops are forced out for trying to live suitable law enforcement officials. Despite understanding it would wreck his career, Redwood city Police officer Ryan Adler ought to now not stay silent approximately the atrocities he witnessed devoted with the aid of his fellow officers inside the Redwood metropolis Police branch. Adler noted a chilling instance of this “shunning” while he called out a fellow officer who might talk about colleagues being “thrifty,” and then referred to as the “F–ing Jews.” Adler talked about every other example wherein sadistic law enforcem

Drop the Complaint or Be Arrested, CTA Supervisor Arrested for Reporting Cop for Assault

A question we ask often here at the Free Thought Project is this: when a cop commits a crime against you,  where do you report it?  The only place you can report a crime is to law enforcement, so you have no other choice but to walk inside the belly of the beast who hurt you and report their crime to his or her brothers in blue. As the following case illustrates, this is problematic for many reasons and can turn innocent victims into falsely accused criminals in an instant. Chicago Transit Authority supervisor, Martesa Lee was assaulted by a Chicago police officer while doing her job on the Red Line platform earlier this year. So, she took the only option available to her to report it and went to the officer’s supervisor to lodge a complaint. Instead of taking her complaint, however, the police told her to get lost or get arrested. Body camera video of the interaction was just released this week which captured the chilling interaction of intimidation and threats. The incid