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‘He’s Gonna Kill My Child’: Crazed Cop Points Taser at Child, Terrorizes Family Who Called 911 for Help

While there are surely cops who will chivalrously surge in to stop risky circumstances, there are other people who seem to get off on attesting their position and harming individuals. "It was only on from that point, " Kandy Dowell said as the delegate showed up. "The man ventured out of his vehicle with a forceful attitude, " Dowell said. "He didn't hear me out at all when I attempted to inform him regarding my better half's psychological instabilities".  "He just pulled out his gun and resembled 'jump on the ground, jump on the ground, I'm going to shoot you' and I am simply shouting and argued for my family essentially, "Said Kandy. At the point when her significant other consented to step outside and talk with the delegate, that is the point at which the cop seethed and pulled out his taser, focusing on their youngster. "That is the point at which I see that red speck hit my kid's stomach and I lost it. I