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Cops Hold Five Small Children at Gunpoint for Playing Outside

  In today’s “see something, say something” society, 911 calls over non-crimes are a common thing. When it comes to black people, these calls move from common to outright offensive and often times lead to deprivation of rights, or worse. Five Georgia kids learned this the hard way this week when they were held at gunpoint for simply being kids. A frightened store owner in Jonesboro called police on Monday and told them that five kids were in his parking lot — with a gun. After police responded to the scene, all hell broke loose. When the officer arrived, all of the children, one reportedly just 10-years-old, were held at gunpoint for playing. The resultant interaction was captured on a bystander’s cellphone video. It is nothing short of heart-wrenching. The woman filming is in tears asking why the cop is holding the children at gunpoint. His actions also garnered the attention of neighbors as well, who gathered around and begged the cop to put his gun away and not to sho