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Cop Convicted for Responding to 911 Call and Beating Innocent Woman

 A Florida lady discovered the hard way what it's like to dial 911 in a police state. While some police officers would jump in valiantly to put an end to perilous situations, others seem to thrive on establishing their power and injuring others. Dyma Loving got the latter after she contacted 911 to report being attacked with a dangerous weapon. Fortunately for Loving, her buddy recorded the incident, and as a result of the footage, Loving was cleared and the rogue officer was prosecuted and sentenced this week. Officer Alejandro Giraldo was charged with official misconduct, a felony, for allegedly fabricating reports. Additionally, he was charged with violence in connection with his reaction to the 911 call.

"After examining the sworn statements...and all available video footage, we feel there is sufficient evidence to prosecute a breach of Florida's criminal laws," the Miami-Dade State Attorney's Office stated in a statement.

Thursday, jurors debated for just more than an hour and found Giraldo guilty of violence and official misconduct.

He now faces a maximum sentence of five years in jail.

After his conviction, Miami-Dade State Attorney Katherine Fernandez Rundle issued the following statement. "We will continue to do everything possible to hold police responsible for violating the law, because when a law enforcement officer commits a crime, it erodes the confidence necessary to keep our citizens and communities safe." As we previously reported, Loving and her friend Adrianna Green phoned 911 on March 5, 2019, after a guy reportedly brandished a shotgun and threatened them with it. Loving and Green, understandably, are enraged at being attacked with a lethal weapon, and hence speak loudly. However, one of the arriving cops, Alejandro Giraldo, interprets this loudness as a threat, and he steps in to abuse the completely innocent lady.

"Do not touch me," Loving screams as another police officer, only known as Officer Calderon, grabs her other arm. "Make a note of this. Keep your hands off of me."

Loving is then pushed against the fence as Giraldo tightens the shackles around her neck and throws her to the ground.

She had caused no damage. "I wanted to call my child," Loving adds as the other police arrive to assist with the attack. "I just said that I wanted to contact my child. My phone is completely dead. What are you unable to comprehend? I had a pistol pointed at me, and my child is ill. I'm tense. I have to go and contact my children. "I am perplexed."

Loving is then jerked up to her feet and carried away to Giraldo's police cruiser, where she is detained and charged with disorderly behaviour and resisting arrest.

"As we attempted to separate the people involved, Ms. Loving got more angry, aggressive, and uncooperative," the fabricated police report claimed. "Ms. Loving screamed at us, creating a scene."

Giraldo then refers to Loving's activities as "violent," despite the fact that they are not aggressive at all.

Fortunately for Loving, there was video evidence of what occurred, and the footage was shared on social media.

After seeing the footage, Miami-Dade Police Director Juan J. Perez suspended Giraldo. He was then charged with and convicted of the offence. According to ABC, Loving's attorney, Justin Moore, said that Loving "expressed relief" after Giraldo's arrest and commended prosecutors for continuing the case. However, he said that more cops should face penalties for their involvement in the event.

"The reality is that the other officers engaged in Dyma's arrest supported Officer Giraldo and produced incident reports," Moore said. "It is quite natural that they face the same scrutiny as Officer Giraldo."

We concur. Officer Calderon, who assisted his fellow criminal officer rather than apprehending him, should also face responsibility. He has not, though.

The video below illustrates what it's like to call 911 in a police state as an innocent black lady. Additionally, it demonstrates the critical need of taping all police contacts. Without this video, Loving may be in prison right now instead of Giraldo.

Researchers discovered that fewer than 5% of all calls routed to police throughout the nation are made soon enough for officers to intervene in a crime or apprehend a suspect. The 911 bottom line is that "instance in which 911 technology significantly affects the outcome of criminal events are very uncommon." Additionally, as the preceding example demonstrates, it is quite dangerous.

Making a 911 call for assistance and then being abused or murdered by police occurs far too often. We reported on the tale of Kevin Davis, who contacted 911 to say his fiancée had been stabbed, the same month Loving was attacked. When officers arrived at his residence, they assassinated him.

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