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Two cops restrain a man while a dog mauls him.

A report of a man allegedly trespassing resulted in a brutal assault by a police dog, prompting an inquiry against three Woodson Terrace police officers. The department is defending the officers, and the office of the St. Louis County Prosecuting Attorney has intervened. Around 7:15 a.m., police got a report about a guy allegedly trespassing and refusing to leave a business on Interstate 70. When the police came, they say the guy was under the influence of drugs. One of the business's employees recorded the event, and the guy did not seem to be a danger at all. At most, he refused to be handcuffed, claiming innocence. He never assaulted any police and was completely restrained and surrounded by them. According to police, when they approached the guy, he attempted to flee into the street, forcing officers to stop traffic and arrest him. At this point in the video, the guy is face-down on the hood of the police vehicle. While the two police try to arrest him, a third officer arrives