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The Same Dept Who Beat Peaceful Protesters in DC, Executed an Unarmed Accountant on Video

As TFTP reported, dashcam footage was released that shows police shooting and killing an unarmed man they claimed was responsible for a hit-and-run. However, the man was actually the victim of a traffic accident and the video shows that he then became the victim of murder by police.
It’s been over two years since the shooting death of Bijan Ghaisar and the FBI, the Justice Department, and Park Police have not given a single reason for the use of deadly force — a fact the parents of Ghaisar find “maddening.”
Now, we have some insight into why these cops have been so tight-lipped. The same police who executed Ghaisar has since come under fire for their handling of protesters outside the White House. It also explains why they have refused to hold any of their cops accountable, including the ones caught on international television beating an Australian news crew.
“This is very heartbreaking,” said James Ghaisar, Bijan’s father. “I cannot tell you how many times a day literally I am crying. At work, I kind of try to focus and distract myself. But in my car, I am only thinking of him – that I cannot see him, and on top of that – this total silence.”
“At no point did Bijan Ghaisar do anything to cause these officers to believe that their lives or the lives of anybody else were in danger,” family attorney and former DOJ official Roy Austin told ABC News this week.
After he was shot, Ghaisar went into a coma and died in a hospital days later.
Austin said that after the incident, “U.S. Park Police provided security to his [hospital] room and told his family and parents that he was a criminal.”
In a statement to ABC News this week, the National Parks Service said that they have “communicated with Congress to provide updates and information as it is able without interfering in the ongoing investigations and litigation. We have no further comment.”
James and his wife Kelly Ghaisar have done everything they can to try to get answers as to why their son was killed that night. As TFTP reported in 2018, they filed a lawsuit and the taxpayers could be held liable to the tune of $25 million but not the cops who killed their son.
“It’s been nothing but stonewalling,” said Bijan’s mother. “We haven’t had anyone who has been actually working on this case, involved in this case, to actually shed any light to us – as if we have no rights.”
After being tight-lipped for two and a half years on the incident, only the police report has been released, backing up the victim’s parents’ claims that their son was unarmed when he was gunned down by police.
Ghaisar, 25, died 10 days after he was shot in the head four times by U.S. Park Police, according to the family.
The Free Thought Project reported on the fact that no gun was found in the original investigation, but the Ghaisar family’s lawyers released police reports provided by Fairfax County, including a report confirming Ghaisar was unarmed. This report did not come out until investigators literally scanned every inch of the scene with metal detectors in an attempt to justify the shooting.
“The release of the tape and the recent documents by the Fairfax County Police Department were very helpful to answer all those questions,” said James Ghaisar. “So here we are. This is a unique case as far as I am concerned. Bijan could have been anybody’s kid – literally. We raised our kid so proudly.”
The incident began on Nov. 17, 2017, when Ghaisar was rear-ended by an Uber driver, and although he was the victim of the accident, he left the scene.
The accident was reported to the Fairfax Country Police and they treated it as a suspected “hit-and-run.” The McLean Patch reported that when police located Ghaisar’s car, they attempted to pull it over twice, and “both times two officers appeared to approach Ghaisar’s car with weapons drawn before he drove away.”
While police have attempted to paint this situation as one in which officers were chasing a dangerous suspect who was putting their lives at risk by evading their attempts to arrest him, Ghaisar’s family told a very different story.
“Bijan Ghaisar was repeatedly threatened by over-aggressive and out-of-control law enforcement officers after he drove away from a minor traffic incident in which he was the victim and in which there were little property damage and no known injuries,” the family said.
While an armed Park Police officer can be seen banging on the window of Ghaisar’s car, it is also not clear what directions the officers were giving him at the time.
However, it is clear that the officers were becoming increasingly frustrated with Ghaisar. He continued to drive away and was followed by both Fairfax County and U.S. Park Police officers. When Ghaisar stopped at a stop sign, a police cruiser pulled in front of his car to block it, and two officers approached him with guns drawn.
As Ghaisar’s vehicle began to move forward once again, two of the U.S. Park Police officers fired nine shots into his vehicle—four of which struck him in the head. Ghaisar was taken to the hospital where doctors determined that he had suffered severe brain damage, and he was pronounced dead 10 days later.
The McLean Patch noted that “Park Police wouldn’t comment on why there was a pursuit for a car that had been rear-ended in the first place,” and that after reviewing the evidence, a lawyer told the Ghaisar family that “it is even more clear that the killing of Bijan Ghaisar was completely unnecessary” given the original crash.
Bijan Ghaisar was an accountant, a resident of McLean, and he graduated from Virginia Commonwealth University.
“For the last now, two and a half going on three years, the U.S. Park Police has told us very little; they told the family very little about what happened here,” Austin said. “They have largely defended these officers.”
The two U.S. Park Police officers who are responsible for the shooting have since gone back to work after a brief paid vacation and no word of any discipline has been released.
“It’s like an everyday nightmare that goes through our head, and of course it is so obvious that this shouldn’t have been,” said Kelly Ghaisar. “We don’t know why they are keeping this going on so long. This is so cruel that the fact this happened to Bijan.”
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