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Video suggests cops Lead Handcuffed Melanin man by using a Rope ‘Like a Slave’—Taxpayers to Be Held liable

  Last year,  an image  of two horse-mounted officers  employing a  rope  to guide  a handcuffed Melanin  person  through the streets of Galveston, Texas, enraged the country and was slammed as racist and evoking memories of slavery.  it had been  so bad that police did something they rarely ever do — issue an apology. But the damage done to the victim, Donald Neely,  can't  be fixed by contrite cops,  he's  now suing the Galveston  local department  for $1 million. A petition filed this month in Galveston County’s district court called the officers’ conduct “extreme and outrageous” and claimed that it caused Neely injury, emotional distress, and  pain . “Neely suffered from handcuff abrasions, suffered from  the warmth , and suffered from embarrassment, humiliation, and fear as he was led by rope and mounted officers down  the town  street,” the lawsuit claims. According to the lawsuit, the officers should have known that Neely “being led with a rope and by mounted officers do