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Gov’t Violates Constitution, Steals Elderly Man’s Home Over $8.41 Tax Bill

Inside the land of the loose, even if you completely pay off your property mortgage to the bank, your property is by no means in reality yours.

The country claims to be justified of their theft of Rafaeli's domestic due to the fact he underneath paid his tax bill with the aid of simply $Eight.Forty-one.

In seeking to guard the county's right to seize the whole value of Rafaeli's property over a minuscule debt, Bursch had argued that it turned into not possible for nearby governments to compensate all owners who have been caught in similar situations.

Essentially, the city is claiming that in the event that they do no longer thieve homes from aged retirees over unpaid $8 tax payments, the children will go through and the city will descend into utter chaos.

"The counties do not want the assets," argued Bursch as to why they stole the aged man's home.

It doesn't rely on that Michigan's property tax statutes fail to recognize a property proprietor's right to their home fairness.

"Failure to pay your private home taxes would not supply the authorities license to take everything from you," says Christina Martin, the legal professional with PLF who represented the elderly man and other landowners in front of the state very best courtroom.

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