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Cop Admits to Sexual Abusing 2 young ladies, instead of 30 Years, He was given simply 60 Days in jail

  Police, we are told, are society’s finest. Heroic men and women sacrifice themselves to protect society from criminals so that we may live long and safe lives. If this assertion were entirely true, when these fine men and women commit a crime they are sworn to prevent, they should be held to higher standards than the rest of society because not only have they broken a law, but they have betrayed the trust of people they serve. However, as the case below illustrates, all too often, when a police officer betrays this trust—going so far as to prey on society’s most vulnerable, children—their badge grants them a lower standard of justice and they escape accountability. A now-former Jefferson County Sheriff’s deputy was entrusted by the citizens of Jefferson County, Mo. to serve and protect them. However, protecting and serving were the last things this admitted child predator had on his mind. According to police, former deputy Joshua Skaggs, 25, was accused of molesting two children on t