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Awful Video Documents Two Male Cops and One Female Cop Tasering and Forcibly Stripping a Disabled Woman

Ariel Harrison, aged 31, was dragged into a concrete room and zapped with a taser as a guy kneeled down on her and assisted a female in stripping her nude in October 2019. Another man with a pistol stood over her, watching, before joining in on the cruel assault and ripping her panties off. This horrific sexual assault was caught on camera, yet none of the offenders were arrested – because they were police. Harrison's ordeal began in October 2019 when she was pulled over for a DUI stop. Harrison, who is legally blind in one eye, was detained and transported to the Macomb Police Department without being subjected to a field sobriety test. Harrison says she was tasered several times during the stop, forcing her to pass out and awaken in a prison cell. According to Harrison's counsel, no breathalyzer or field sobriety tests were administered at the scene, during her arrest, or during her detention. “They didn't explain anything to me when they pulled me over; they simply yanke