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The cops threaten witnesses that they are attacking, Handcuff, 9yo Girl

  Over the years, the Rochester police and their various misdeeds up to and including handcuffing little girls. However, the video below shows Rochester police  in a very  new and disturbing light. Not only did they handcuff a 9-year-old  female child , but they also threw her to  the bottom ,  so  shoved her  within the  back of a  prowl car  while pepper-spraying her  within the  face. Over the weekend, police released body camera video of the incident which has subsequently caused massive backlash for the department.  in keeping with  police, they were responding to a call of “family trouble” on Friday when the incident unfolded. A total of 9 cops  skilled  the scene, essentially ensuring an excessive force incident would unfold. When police showed up, the 9-year-old girl had left  the house   so that they  walked down  the road  to apprehend  and produce  her back. However, the girl  didn't  want to return. At a  press conference  Sunday, Deputy  policeman  Andre Anderson descr