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Activists Reportedly Bust Cops Placing a Camera to Illegally Spy on Political Opponent

  Because cops using taxpayer dollars to spy on their political opponents with cameras and other intelligence-gathering devices is an ominous practice,  the town  of Memphis enacted a  decree  in 1978 barring cops from doing just that. Cops being cops often act  as if  they're  above the law  and therefore the  following case out of Memphis may prove that notion. Antonio Cathey  may be a  union organizer who works full time for Fight for 15, the  trade union movement  calling for $15-per-hour wages for fast-food workers. Cathey  is additionally  a police accountability activist who has had his share of questionable encounters with the Memphis  local department  for attempting  to carry  them accountable. In 2018, 50 heavily armed officers: local police, sheriff's deputies, some from other agencies, many of whom shielded their identity with black ski masks, raided Cathey's home  to require  one  roach from an ashtray and issue him a citation. Fast-forward to 2020 and cops re