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Cop Shoves Fellow Cop After He Attacks Kneeling Woman, Riots Ensue

A Fort Lauderdale Police officer has been suspended this week after he was captured on cellphone video shoving an innocent kneeling woman who attended to protests on Sunday. His actions also may have served as a tipping point for the entirely peaceful protests devolving into chaos. The video shows just how delicate these situations are and also shows the power of “good” cops to stop their fellow bad cops in their tracks. Officer Steven Poherence, who assaulted the kneeling woman was quickly shoved out of the way by a fellow cop who verbally lambasted him for his senseless act of violence. As the video shows, Poherence is yelling at protesters, getting in their faces in an apparent fit of rage. The protesters are not attacking him, but he appears to want to provoke something. Subscribe to more videos: