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Family Sues as Cop Caught on Body Cam Sexually Assaulting Their Dead Daughter, Sharing Video

 In one of the strangest and most disgusting cases TFTP has ever reported, late last year an LAPD cop was reportedly caught on his own body camera fondling and sexually assaulting a dead woman.

Following an investigation into the video, the officer was arrested and charged with a felony.

Officer David Rojas, 27, was charged with a felony violation of state safety codes, which prohibit "Having sexual contact with human remains without authority," according to a statement from the Los Angeles County district attorney's office.

His actions were recorded on his own body camera and then he shared it with his fellow cops to gloat in his disgusting behavior.

The lawsuit filed in Los Angeles Superior Court on Tuesday, alleges that Officer David Rojas sexually molested Elizabeth Baggett.

According to NBC, Gloria Allred, the attorney representing the Baggett family, called Rojas' alleged behavior "Mean, vile, base and contemptible."

"So many women are sexually abused during their lifetime, and now we learn that some are even sexually victimized after their deaths."

"To David Rojas: After losing my Mom and processing what you did to her in her time of need, I can't sleep. All I can think is, 'Why?!' How could you do something like that?" Sertich said in a statement.

In an extremely unique move, although they have shamelessly defended murderers and rapists, the Los Angeles Police Protective League, the union that usually provides legal counsel for the LAPD's 10,000 members, said they will not be helping Rojas.

Rojas remains employed by the Los Angeles Police Department but is not on active duty, a spokesman said.

Instead of the typical statement of "Not rushing to judgement" and the "Video of the officer shooting the unarmed child in the back of the head as he ran away doesn't show the entire picture," the union was quick to cast out their fellow cop.

This is likely due to the fact that the officer was caught on his body camera have "Sexual contact" with a dead woman.

"We hope that District Attorney Jackie Lacey charging Mr. Rojas for his vile alleged crime will bring some solace to the deceased woman's family during their time of grieving," the union's board said in a statement.

"The Los Angeles Police Protective League will not defend Mr. Rojas during his criminal proceedings, and his alleged behavior is abhorrent and an affront to every law enforcement professional working for the LAPD.".

"This incident is extremely disturbing and does not represent the values of the Los Angeles Police Department," LAPD Chief Michel Moore also said, according to FOX 11 Los Angeles.

As TFTP reported, the incident was never reported and only discovered after the LAPD conducted a random review of its officers' body camera footage and a whistleblower leaked it to the press.

This was in spite of the fact that Rojas showed it to other officers.

The Los Angeles Police Department officer and a partner had responded to a report of a body at a residence, the person said.

The officer fondled the corpse's breasts when his partner was not in the room.

The person, who was not authorized to publicly discuss the case and spoke to The Associated Press on condition of anonymity, said officials conducted a random inspection of the officer's body camera videos and found the incriminating footage.

The officer had disabled the body camera but the act was caught on video when he turned it back on, the person said, because the devices have two-minute buffering periods to capture what happens right before they are activated.

According to the report, the LAPD whistleblower who exposed the cop for fondling the dead woman's breasts said they had no idea when it happened.

Although the LAPD necrophile tried to hide his actions by turning off his body camera before disgustingly fondling the dead woman's breasts, the camera's built in function caught him anyway.

Had the LAPD not started the policy of randomly reviewing body camera footage, this horrible act would have never been discovered.

According to the report, the LAPD collects over 14,000 videos every single day and has over 2.1 million hours of footage.

This leaves us wondering how many other acts of depravity are documented on cameras these cops thought they were turning off.

This happens to be more time than cops who are caught sexually assaulting living women.

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