Teen says harassing them is racist to them, cops say, "Yes, and I'm proud of it."

 Minnesota Police Officer Rod Webber was caught on camera in March 2015, threatening 17-year-old Hamza Jelani. The threats resulted in serious bodily harm - breaking the teenager's leg. The video went viral after we reported on it five years ago. However, the police had more video of the incident which was obviously even worse but they chose to keep it secret all this time. Thanks for the FOI request through the local news outlet, we will now see the true scope of the problem.

Earlier this month, the Sahan Journal got the whole video, which is full of the racist tirades, and Pitte, a 24-year-old intimidator from the Minneapolis Police Department, resented Roderick Weber for doing the same to his fellow officers - who did nothing.

Although Weber would be fired later, a fierce battle ensued between the department and the union he defended, but he did not face a slap in the face from another cop who forgave the officer's actions.

Now, new calls are coming in to investigate systemic corruption and racism within George Floyd's assassination department.

According to Sahen Journal reports, the newly discovered actions of the officer, described by advocates of police responsibility as unstable, biased and frightening - highlight the people of color of the Minneapolis police department and the ever-relating relationship with the Somali community in particular.

"We are saddened by the shocking nature of the incident and the failure of the investigation involving other officials involved earlier," Jayalani Hussain, CAIR-Minnesota's executive director, said in a statement.

“CAIR-Minnesota calls for a new investigation into the incident as well as a new disciplinary charge for all officers who were not disciplined in the previous investigation. By allowing the behavior of this officer to be allowed, the approving officers clearly showed that this type of behavior is welcome, practiced, and safe. "

The PBWW website reported at the time that she was in a car with three friends after playing basketball at the district's YMCA when they were pulled over. The teenagers asked who owned the vehicle, but they were pulled out of the car nonetheless. Filmed by Jilani as Weber threatened him,

"Plain and simple, if you f ** with me, I'll break your leg before you get a chance to run. I am honest; I don’t do bad around. "

"I never said I was going to run," Jilla says in response.

Weber replies, "I'm giving you ahead right now. Right now I'm trying to be officer friendly. ”

According to ACLU, "Police said the stolen car belonged to a blue Honda Civic. However, the teenagers were driving a blue Toyota Camry. In addition, Jilani insisted that the driver of the vehicle had documents proving ownership. Despite the children having this evidence, the cops coughed it all down and waited an hour, searching for the vehicle and doing background checks on the four teenagers, Faisal Mohammed told My Fox Twin Cities.

"Tell me why I'm being arrested?" Asked Jilani, to which Weber replied, "Because I feel like arresting you."

All four boys were of Somali descent, and they are believed to have been victims of racial profiling. They later filed a complaint, which led to Weber's shooting.

However, the really despicable nature of the stop was not yet known to the public. During the stop, the officer wished the teenagers death and genocide only on the basis of their adolescence.

“Do you remember what happened in Black Hawk Down when we killed the mob of your people? I'm proud of it, "said Officer Weber.

Weber added, "We didn't get the job done there. If we had gotten the job done, you guys wouldn't be here right now."

"You're a racist, brother," said one of the teenagers.

"Yes, and I'm proud of it," Weber replied.

All of this was said in the ears of Weber's fellow officers, though none of them said or did anything. This is the problem with vague "good cops".

If you watch the video below, remember that this is the cop that the police union fought very hard to keep the force.

Link of the video:https://youtu.be/vH5z23N3G9Y

When she told him not to park in her yard, the cops came out of the woman's teeth

 As frequent readers of the PBWW website know, cops will use almost any reason to justify the escalation of force and subsequent arrest. The PBWW website has reported on savage violence dished out by enforcement just in case after case of “contempt of cop” otherwise referred to as damaging a cop’s ego.

An innocent woman in Jacksonville learned about contempt of cop the hard way recently, after having her teeth knocked out by police after asking them to not park in her yard.

Earlier this year, Brittany Crishawn Williams called 911 posing for assistance after a political candidate parked in her driveway for a close-by police matter and wouldn’t leave.

In Williams’s eyes, the officer was trespassing, so she called 911 for help. within the eyes of the cops, however, Williams insulted their egos, and then she deserved to be beaten and arrested.

To be clear, the officer was now not functioning on a case, he was done and easily using Williams’ yard to send emails. As Jacksonville.com reports:

Williams, a 29-year-old graduate of the Paxon School for Advanced Studies and also the University of Central Florida, walked out of her house and asked the officer if she could help him.

He said he was visiting check emails and so leave shortly, per the arrest report. The report said she then asked him to go away from her property. He again said he was visiting land up to his work there first.

William's call to 911 came after she threw a spoon at the cop because he refused to depart. This was a childish act, but so was trespassing and refusing to go away from someone’s property to send emails.

When the responding officer showed up, the cop in Williams’ yard said Williams “assaulted” him because within the cop’s eyes, throwing a spoon and not hitting anyone, is “assault.”

“Why can’t he realize my yard? Why can’t he leave my yard?” she asks the officer.

“I want him to depart,” she told the officer. “… after I asked him, `Why are you here? law officer, please leave,’ he started yelling at me. does one think he has this sort of power, this sort of authority?”

She then repeats, “Why are you here, and why are y’all smirking?”

After her repeated questions, he tried to grab her and he or she was brutally beaten.

“No, no, no, no, stop, please, please stop, stop, stop, stop, stop. Please stop. Stop, stop, stop, stop, stop, stop, stop. Please, please bro, please, please, man, please. That’s my girl, please,” Williams’ husband is heard saying.

After the attack, Williams was left toothless, bloody, and facing charges.

“I still can’t believe this happened to me. JSO police came to my house and attacked me. And now I've got broken teeth with exposed nerves, and that I haven’t been ready to sleep or eat days,” Williams tweeted after the attack.

She was arrested on two charges of battery on an enforcement officer and one charge of assault and battery without violence. The arrest report said she had a gun, but it appeared she lawfully owned the gun. She has initially persisted a $7,009 bond that she paid, in keeping with Jacksonville.com.

Williams’ cellphone video of the incident was released in May and it failed to show the complete ordeal. However, as a part of a lawsuit, Williams released the complete body camera footage in the weekit's nothing in need of shocking and shows these officers savagely attack a little woman, 5’2″ and 98 pounds, for no reason.

“We don't understand why the State Attorney’s Office filed criminal charges against Ms. Williams, and that we don't understand why they waited over five months to file such charges,” the woman’s South Florida attorney, Jeff Chukwuma, wrote in an exceedingly Dec. 22 media statement. “However, what we all know for sure, is that the actions and conduct of the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office on May 13, 2020, were unlawful, unjustified, and completely unacceptable. Law-abiding citizens who are exercising their constitutional rights shouldn't fear being harassed or harmed by those who are alleged to protect them.”

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The cops shoot the innocent teenager in the back, then pull the bullets and say ‘by hand’.

 A 17-year-old boy, Jamaine Barnes was reportedly asleep in a very car after a video shoot along with his older cousin only to be awakened by police who would shoot him within the back moments later. in step with a lawsuit filed this month, after shooting the boy, officers pulled the bullets out of his back by hand before dumping him off at the juvenile jail.

As Mercury News reports, in keeping with the lawsuit, the Stockton teen spent the evening along with his older cousin, earlier driving to a music video shoot in Oakland. the teenager then fell asleep and awoke within the car alone and in an unfamiliar automobile parking space, to the sounds of loud noises. He tried to call his cousin but his mobile phone was dead, so he arrived at the driver’s seat and tried to depart, the suit said.

Leaving, for the young man, proved to be a near-deadly mistake. As he pulled away, police claimed he was head toward them so that they “feared for his or her lives” and opened fire on you man.
The family’s attorney, Adante Pointer said his client saw police had stopped another vehicle but failed to hear any commands to prevent it, so he drove off. Next, he heard gunshots.

After the teenager had been shot within the back and crashed his car, Pointer said he hid within the bushes out of fear.

According to the Hayward police, they were called to a CVS pharmacy within the area that night over reports of looting and possible gunfire. once they were detaining another car within the parking zonethat's when Jamaine decided that it'd be a decent idea to urge out of there as he had not been involved in the looting or shooting.

However, Officer Samuel Tomlinson, who was standing outside his police car, claimed the teenager drove directly toward him. Despite not being hit by the car, Tomlinson opened fire after it had passed him, shooting the teenager within the back, consistent with the lawsuit. Officer Stephen Akacsos also fired his weapon believing “his partner had either been shot or struck by the vehicle,” per police.

Tomlinson was never hit. The teen, however, suffered gunshot wounds to his back.

When the officers found the teenager hiding within the bushes, they arrested him. consistent with the lawsuit, however, before dumping him off at the juvenile detention facility, cops pulled the bullets from the young man’s back with their hands.

“It’s barbaric,” Pointer said, “the way within which they tried to reduce the harm they caused this young man.” The officers “took the bullets out and hauled him off to Juvenile Hall. It’s completely inappropriate and fortunately, it didn’t cause more severe damage to him.”

The teen was charged with assault on an official. However, in keeping with Pointer, the court lacked sufficient proof of assault in order that charge was later dropped.

“Hayward police have consistently been on my radar, a local department where they sic dogs on people, beat people, shoot people and it rarely catches the public’s attention,” Pointer said. “This is Exhibit A of a local department which seeks to vilify the victim and justify the shooting. the general public should be very concerned.”

The teenager’s mother, Jael Barnes, told Mercury News her son has not been in trouble with the law before and “was not involved in looting or anything in and of itself.”

“I want all they saw was a black face and just believed he did (a crime),” she said. “Not only does he now have these physical wounds, but he also has these mental wounds, as well, which can never getaway.”

At the time of the shooting in June, Barnes’ son was the person shot by Hayward police in but period.

Barnes has founded a fundraiser to procure hospital and therapy bills. If you’d prefer to donate, https://www.gofundme.com/f/jamaines-life-matters

A 4-year-old girl was kept at Gunpoint, once again a family terror as a cops raid home.

Over the past few years, the residents of Chicago are subjected to a militarized police-state occupation. Innocent family after innocent family each rousing within the middle of the night as heavily armed storm troopers throw flashbangs into their homes, haul them outside within the cold, point guns at their heads, and even handcuff babies. These families are being terrorized in their own homes, many of them left with PTSD, and nobody is being held accountable—because the state is that the one behind the phobia.

In the latest instance of absolutism terror administered by Chicago’s finest, a toddler was held at gunpoint and made to the bottom by cops raiding the incorrect home. Highlighting the sheer irresponsible and reckless nature of the Chicago department of local government affecting raids is that the proven fact that this raid was distributed on the incorrect home just weeks after police promised to prevent doing it.

CBS 2, who has been covering Chicago PD’s raids on wrong homes for several years now, interviewed police officials earlier this year who claimed that they were committed to stopping bad raids like these from happening. Prompted by CBS 2’s ongoing investigation, the department changed its warrant policy to confirm additional oversight with warrant approval and more protections for kids.

However, just some weeks later and Sharon Lyons and her family were shaken out of bed when the Chicago Police broke down her door and held her family at gunpoint, including 4-year-old Lillie.

“The next thing I knew, the entire panel to my door came flying down,” Sharon said.

Lillie was asleep in another room. Sharon’s sons 32-year-old Timothy, 35-year-old James, and 30-year-old Julius, who has autism were in other rooms.

Julius ran toward his mother within the kitchen when police burst in.

“Get down, get down, get down!” Julius recalled.

“They had the guns pointed at me, telling me to induce down,” Sharon said. “I got down. I keep asking them, ‘What’s occurring? Please tell me what’s going on.’ I’ve never been through anything like this. they merely kept saying they'd a quest warrant.”

Lillie was asleep across the hall and every one of the adults was being forced to the bottom at gunpoint, unable to comfort the little child.

That’s when Sharon said she witnessed police get into Lillie’s room with guns pointed at her. The family recounted hearing the screams of horror coming from Lillie’s room. The state-sponsored terrorists refused to allow them to get to her room to assist her.

“And I just heard [Lillie] start screaming,” James said through tears. “She was so helpless at the time, nobody could help her.”

When CBS 2 Investigator Dave Savini asked Lille who the cops pointed guns at, the 4-year-old pointed to her grandmother Sharon and said, “her and me.”

Like the countless victims before them, the Lyons were terrorized by cops and a system too incompetent to verify the right address during which to raid. As CBS2 reports:

According to the complaint a few warrant, police were trying to find someone officers only knew by the name of “Blondie.” A paid confidential informant told police they saw “Blondie” selling heroin at the family’s address, records show. In these documents, police described the target as “a black transgendered woman” with a “medium length blonde wig,” who weighs 150 pounds and is between 5 foot 7 inches and 5 foot 9 inches tall.

Other than driving the informant past the building, police documents show they failed to take any additional steps to independently verify the informant’s tip, like surveillance, property records checks, or other research. That, despite police’s commitments to more training and oversight on the method with its new policy only 1 month earlier.

After getting the address wrong and holding a toddler at gunpoint, the department issued a canned statement claiming they prioritize the security of youngsters during these raids on people over arbitrary substances.

“While we cannot investigate the specifics of this incident, the Chicago department of local government prioritizes the protection and welfare of all residents, including children,” a CPD spokesperson said in an exceeding statement emailed to CBS 2. “Furthermore, the Department updated its warrant policy earlier this year to make sure that if children are present, a sensitive approach is going to be taken to safeguard their physical and mental well-being to attenuate trauma following the execution of a look warrant.”

If this is often the way the Chicago department of local government prioritizes the protection of youngsterswe'd hate to determine what not prioritizing it's like.

Sadly, this is often not the primary time incidents like this have happened. The PBWW website has documented a minimum of a pair of raids by Chicago police in mere this year that was meted out on innocent families. In spite of taxpayers administering millions in lawsuit settlements, the CPD seems unconcerned with correcting themselves — proving they're accountable to nobody.

Link to the video:https://chicago.cbslocal.com/they-had-the-guns-pointed-at-me-another-chicago-family-wrongly-raided-just-1-month-after-police-created-policy-to-stop-bad-raids/

In Anambra, three people were killed as they clashed with the police.

  Over the weekend, the situation in the Aguleri village, which is located in the Anambra East Local Government Area of the state of Anambra...