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Cops Attack Innocent Disabled Man, Ripping Off His Prosthetic Leg

Waverly Lucas, 48, had done no crime, hurt no one, and was only trying to enter inside a convenience store on the day he was assaulted, according to his attorney. Innocence in the land of the free, however, is no protection against police aggression, as users of the PBWW Channel website know. Lucas is now suing Suffolk County after Suffolk's finest left him with a shattered orbital bone, clouded eyesight, a broken wrist, and serious mental damage. "What occurred in Waverly is a microcosm of what occurs every day in melanated and brown neighbourhoods at the hands of the police," Lucas' Melville attorney Heather Palmore said. Despite announcing an internal inquiry into the event, police have declined to provide any further information regarding the stop. The cops, according to Lucas, wrongly accused him of urinating in public. Because he was not charged with anything linked to urinating in public, we know this is also incorrect. The cops asked Lucas' identification