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Cop who didn't fire an innocent woman's teeth is now facing child sex charges.

Officers will use practically any excuse to escalate force and make an arrest. PBWW channel website has documented police brutality in cases of “contempt of cop,” or harming a cop's ego. The absence of accountability when officers punish without redress frequently encourages violence.

Of these policemen, Jacksonville Sheriff's Officer Alejandro Carmona was one who was able to inflict serious injury on an innocent lady and not face consequences. Carmona was part of a group of officers that brutally attacked an innocent lady, fracturing her teeth, and got away with it. Now, this officer is back in the limelight. This time for kidnapping.

Carmona was charged with a child sex offence in March after sending nude photographs to an underage kid over Snapchat. An anonymous tip led the Clay County Sheriff's Office to arrest Carmona on March 16.

Carmona was promptly freed on bail and returned to kidnapping. He was recently detained again and charged with one crime of internet solicitation of a minor, four counts of child sexual abuse material possession and one count of illegal use of a two-way communication device.

Brittany Crishawn Williams, now Brittany Moore, called 911 in 2020 when a local cop refused to leave her driveway. Carmona.

“This might have been prevented if the cops in my case had been held accountable,” Moore adds.

Moore disclosed body camera video when she launched her complaint, exposing sexual misbehaviour within JSO. Moore revealed video evidence of the cops engaged in her brutal arrest mocking her physique and exposing her breasts. In fact, Carmona's boss invited him to park in her driveway for sex.

Moore's conversation started peacefully until she requested Carmona to leave and he refused, then she threw a spoon at the officer.

To trespass and refuse to leave someone's property to purportedly exchange emails was stupid. Moore dialled 9-1.

Assaulting a policeman by throwing a spoon and not hitting anybody constitutes “assault,” according to Carmona.

What is it about my yard? “Why won't he leave?” he asks the cop.

“I want him gone,” she said. “… Why are you here? ‘Leave, police officer,' he yelled. Do you believe he has such power and authority?”

“Why are you here, and why are you smirking?” she asks.

He attempted to seize her and beat her when she asked questions.

Moore was left toothless, bleeding, and facing accusations.

“I still can't believe it. JSO cops assaulted me at my home. It's been days since I've slept or eaten because of my shattered teeth and exposed nerves.

She was charged with two counts of assault on a cop and one count of resisting arrest without violence. It seems she legally possessed the pistol, as stated in the police record. She was found not guilty on all counts last October after a trial.

“Her lawyers argued

[Officers] Padgett and Carmona were not in uniform...

Carmona was trespassing on her land. Meanwhile, Padgett illegally entered Williams' apartment without a search warrant to conduct the arrest, Atlanta Black Star reported in April 2021.

Neither officer was held accountable.

According to his Employee Administrative Investigation History, Alejandro Carmona-Fonseca had 28 complaints from supervisors and citizens throughout his 15 years as a Jacksonville Sheriff's Office patrolman.

This vicious woman-beating officer was once again permitted to victimise others, this time children.

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