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Not Just Brutality, Cops Keep Getting Arrested for Child Sex Crimes While On-Duty

 Police brutality in America is an undeniable problem that's seen in every city in every state across the country.

On a day to day, video after video surfaces proving now.

Many American cops have another dirty secret - their disgusting desire to feed on children.

In only the previous couple of weeks, TFTP has reported on multiple officers who were caught distributing child sexual assault material, also mentioned as kiddie pornalso as sexually assaulting children.

Many of those disgusting enforcement officers were committing these horrifying crimes while on the taxpayer's dime.

While the aforementioned officers were caught running child porn networks, other cops are caught physically raping children.

One of the foremost glaring instances of this problem was delivered to light last week when the previous Boston Police Patrolmen's Association President Pat Rose was arrested on child rape charges.

According to WBZ-TV, Rose was arrested last Wednesday by State Police on multiple charges in reference to the rape of a toddlerconsistent with sources.

The charges include indecent assault and battery on a toddler under 14.

The potential also exists that Rose committed crimes against children while on duty as Suffolk County DA Rachael Rollins told reporters the allegations against Rose raises questions on his conduct as a member of the department, particularly his encounters with children and teenagers and therefore the arrests he conducted, the world reports.

In a statement, to WBZ, Boston Mayor Marty Walsh said, "I am deeply disturbed by these horrific allegations, which must be investigated to the fullest extent of the law."

When the city's top cop is arrested for raping children, there could be a drag.

Judging by the sheer number of reports from local media outlets across the country, there's indeed a drag.

As we reported last week, Elmore policeman Samuel T. Kurp, 26, was the newest sicko who tarnished the badge together with his desires to feed on society's most vulnerable.

Last Thursday, Kurp was arrested and charged with receiving and distributing kiddie porn.

Kurp was literally being paid by taxpayers to feed on children.

According to the complaint, he used the corporate network to receive and distribute child porn, regularly.

He is accused of sending disturbing images of prepubescent boys and girls using local department resources.

The criminal complaint states that the content was received or distributed while Mr. Kurp was at his parents' residence, also as at the Elmore local department.

The offenses are believed to possess started in April and continued through Tuesday when he was arrested.

Mr. Kurp is accused of using on a minimum of 12 occasions the police department's Wi-Fi service, meaning he was at work during those times the content was shared or received, consistent with court records.

Mr. Kurp viewed or received several documents with inappropriate material on April 12 while at the department, prosecutors allege.

On April 13, he's accused of receiving or sending a picture of 4 nude prepubescent boys and one nude prepubescent girl, which came back to the police department's IP address, records show.

Last week, he posted bond and was released under confinement within the custody of his mother - with active GPS monitoring, a prohibition against accessing any computer or the web, and no contact with minors.

After he was released from jail, he resigned from his position at the local department.

Over a previous couple of weeks, many on the proper are pushing the #savethechildren append social media, claiming that Hillary Clinton and her cronies are kidnapping and eating children to reap their adrenochrome-which are often purchased online-all the while ignoring the larger problem.

While we will not prove that the above claim is true, child sex trafficking is rife among the elite, but once we check out it on the lower levels of citizens, politicians, and enforcementit's at epidemic levels.

We are but 240 days into 2020 and therefore the FBI database already contains quite 530 entries for sex crimes against children.

None of these entries involve any high-level politically elite characters but many of them involve cops.

The #savethechildren crowd shamefully looks the opposite way when it's blue lives involved.

As most of the people write this off to the "Bad apple" fallacy, the very fact remains that cops are a number of the worst offenders when it involves preying on children.

Their badges, authority, and protection from the law afford child predator cops abilities regular child predators don't have.

Just days before we reported on Kurp, a cop in Dallas who was doing the precise same thing - running a toddler porn network, while on the work.

This cop was even using the government's network to try to to it.

As we reported, Sr. Cpl. Daniel Lee Collins allegedly uploaded sexual photos of underage girls to varied Google accounts using the town of Dallas internet network, consistent with the Department of Justice.

One week before Collins, TFTP reported on Sgt. James Robert Wissmann IV, 35, of the Baltimore local department who has been collecting a six-figure annual salary over the years, on the taxpayer's dime, all the while he's been running a classy child porn network.

He was sentenced to only 4 years last month despite facing 5 times that sentence.

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