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Despite bashing a handcuffed hospital patient's face in and fabricating a report, a cop was rehired.

A Chicago police officer was caught on video beating a mentally ill patient in a hospital. The victim's medical records documented multiple lacerations and swelling of his forehead from the beating. It took nearly two years for prosecutors to charge Officer Clauzell Gause, despite the video evidence. The officer was not charged immediately after the assault, but he didn't face any discipline from his department other than being placed on desk duty. In 2019, all the charges were dropped against Gause and he has been reinstated to his position in the police force. "Whatever happened, happened. … You have to face the consequences, "a judge told Gause when he was first charged. "I don't think locking you up is going to serve any purpose," the judge said. "You have to face the consequences." The judge was right about not spending any time in jail and in 2019, Gause was reinstated. "In a 5-3 vote during its monthly meeting Thursday, the board pa