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Nigerian Medical Student Flees from Class after Finding out Corpse for Practical was that of an Old Friend

For medical students at Nigerian institutions, dealing with corpses in anatomy class is an unavoidable reality, but what Mr. Egbe saw shook him to his core. Enya Egbe, a medical student at the University of Calabar in Cross River, found that the corpse given to him for his anatomy class practical was really that of a friend. Following his discovery, the 26-year-old instantly went to his heels in sobs. According to Egbe, he and his buddy Divine had known each other for more than seven years had clubbed together. Egbe finally informed Divine's relatives, who had come to collect their relative's corpse. It came out that they had been visiting several police stations in search of Divine, who had been detained on his way home after a night out by security agents. Divine's torso was pierced on the right side of his chest by two bullets. According to the BBC, Egbe's finding is an example of the harsh reality that Nigerian medical students confront. Apart from a scarcity of cor