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¨Freddie Gray on Video¨: Cops Slam Brakes, Sending Him Flying

Randy Cox was detained on June 19 for an alleged firearms charge. Moments later, he was paralyzed below the waist, his treatment resembling that of Freddie Gray, who was slain by police on a similar journey. However, Cox's abuse was recorded on camera this time. Cox was handcuffed and unrestrained in the back of a police vehicle when the cops stomped on the brakes earlier this month. The footage shows Cox flying headlong into the van's holding room and slamming his head against the wall before collapsing to the ground. Cox was detained after New Haven police responded to a "weapons complaint" call, according to New Haven Police Chief Regina Rush-Kittle. At 8:33 p.m., Cox is put in the back of a police vehicle, as captured by a body camera. About two minutes into the journey, Cox is seen kicking the wall at the rear of the vehicle. After kicking the wall for fifteen seconds, the vehicle comes to an abrupt halt. According to the footage, Cox becomes airborne as he flies