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Protesters in Paris target France’s principal financial institution — Set It On hearth

Violent clashes and arson have erupted in Paris amid mass protests against police brutality and a draft law that could ban filming officers “in sure instances,” after a video emerged of law enforcement officials beating a black tune manufacturer.

Heaps of humans rallied against the controversial invoice is greater than 70 French cities on Saturday, with the organizers claiming over half 1,000,000 participants and authorities estimating the variety at round 150,000. The daylight hours rallies went off peacefully, however by way of early night clashes erupted in more than one townwhich includes Rennes, Lille, Bordeaux, and Lyon.

Paris descended into chaos, forcing police to deploy tear gas, flashbangs, and water cannon after black-clad masked protesters launched fireworks and pelted law enforcement officials with stones.

🔴Premières tensions. Les forces de l’ordre reçoivent des feux d’artifice et des projectiles. Ils répondent avec des gaz lacrymogè

— Charles Baudry (@CharlesBaudry) November 28, 2020

more than one film additionally showed rioters smashing automobiles and shop home windows, and torching motors and a bike.

PARIS – Plusieurs voitures en feux. la #MarcheDesLibertes dégénère.

— Clément Lanot (@ClementLanot) November 28, 2020

At one factor, protesters set the entrance to France’s crucial bank on the hearthat the same time as firefighters struggled to attain the scene through the streets blocked by police fencing, makeshift barricades, and burning trash.

Certains individus masqués ont mis le feu au bâtiment de l. a. Banque de France, un des symboles de l’État.

— Nadège Abderrazak (@Nadege_RTFrance) November 28, 2020

Sporadic clashes with smaller groups persisted into the nightlong after the bulk of the demonstrators had left the area de Los Angeles Bastille, with loads of officials in full rebel gear visible chasing protesters down side streets, struggling to incorporate the unrest.

🔴Nouveaux affrontements en cours comme ici au niveau de la rue de la Bastille. Les forces de l’ordre reçoivent de nombreux projectiles et doivent charger.

— Charles Baudry (@CharlesBaudry) November 28, 2020

at the same time as it became not clear how many protesters were injured in clashes, nearby media stated as a minimum 37 officers received injuries throughout France, at the same time as making at the least 46 arrests.

Les policiers poursuivent les derniers manifestants dans les rues de

— Lucas Léger (@lucas_rtfrance) November 28, 2020

The demonstrators are voicing their anger over a draft regulation on public security, which changed into accepted by way of the decrease chamber of parliament this week. The controversial Article 24 of the Bill seeks to guard police officers against doxing and harassment, and bans filming of law enforcement officials on duty and sharing their pics on-line with the “reason to damage.”

study greaterthousands of protesters march in France towards security regulation that bans filming police (pixmotion pictures)

Critics say the bill infringes on journalistic freedom and would be used to intimidate folks who need to expose police brutality and other misconduct. One such incident went viral this week after pictures emerged showing French police beat and racially abuse a black guyreputedly for not sporting a face mask.

Body Cam Shows How Cops Turn Peaceful Protests into Riots by Attacking Them

Body camera footage captured during recent demonstrations against police brutality has shown how cops often turn peaceful protests into riots by the way that they engage with the crowds.

A demonstration in Cleveland, Ohio, on May 30th shows a police officer pepper spraying a peaceful protester before the situation escalated into a riot.

In the video, an unidentified woman is seen standing on the sidewalk near a line of police officers, holding a sign that read, "Give us what belongs to us in peace, and if you don't give it to us in peace, we will take it by force," which is a quote by Emma Goldman, an anarchist revolutionary that lived during the early 20th. The women directly engaged with the police about their use of force on protesters and the general culture of violence among law enforcement.

She asked the police, "Are you going to tear gas me? For standing here with my sign and trying to have a conversation with you?".

As the woman was talking to the officers, another protester came up behind her carrying a sign.

One of the officers said to the woman, "Tell your dude down there he might want to put that sign down."

Next, without warning, the officer shoots a stream of pepper spray at the protesters, striking the woman in the face.

When other protesters rushed to her defense, one of the officers said, "You don't even know her!".

As the group was helping the woman, the officer claimed that the other person threw a sign, but at first was going to blame the innocent woman.

"She threw a," he said, before correcting himself, "He threw a parking sign. You might want to tell your folks that."

"That's what I was trying to tell her to tell him to go get away with that sign. Just saying. Right?" he said defensively.

From there the tensions between protesters and police escalated quickly, with protesters throwing rocks, bottles and other projectiles and the officers, and police launched tear gas into the crowd and shot protesters with pepper spray balls.

When the woman got back on her feet she shouted at the police, "What did I do? I stood here. You watched it. I stood there, talking to you. And look at my face. I haven't moved, and you f-g burned my face."

None of the police responded to her at that point, and the officer who shot the pepper spray has not been identified.

There is no disputing the fact that the protests were entirely peaceful before this moment.

Naturally, the police union claims the peaceful protesters were just a distraction.

Jeff Follmer, president of the city's police union, said that peaceful protesters stand in front to shield violent rioters as a "Tactic."

"He's clearly going after the guy with the sign. The peaceful protesters that are in front is a clear tactic that these groups do to provide cover for the agitators," Follmer said.

There is no evidence that the woman was coordinating with the man, or any indication that they knew each other.

Follmer also said that it was "OK" for police to pepper spray the wrong person as long as they intended to hit someone who was doing something wrong.

"It's OK if the intent is going for the aggressor, which is the sign person. I do believe his actions were OK based on him going after the person with the sign first," Follmer said.

The crowd was still mostly peaceful, and someone throwing a sign hardly justifies the level of force that was used by police.


Veterans Form Human ‘Wall’ to Protect Portland Protesters from Police

First, a collection of moms came out to show their team spirit and shape a wall between the police and the protesters.

Video uploaded to Twitter Friday night time suggests a "Wall" of veterans becoming a member of in with protesters and forming a barrier among them and the police.

Veterans donned unique signs and symptoms letting the police and others recognize who they have been and why they had been there.

Even the mayor of Portland discovered himself a sufferer of the police violence this week as he joined the protesters most effectively to be tear-gassed rapidly after.

With a bit of luck, the presence of those veterans indicates the president and the others who aid such police country tactics that they are on the incorrect side of records.

Because of the unfastened notion venture stated in 2016, over 2,000 participants of Veterans Stand for Standing Rock traveled to the campsite near Cannon Ball, North Dakota, to create a human barrier among protesters and law enforcement.

The veterans' presence helped to ease some of the stress of the water protectors who - similar to the protesters in Portland - persevered relentless punishment from the closely militarized police present at the scene.

Protesters Are Burning Down Central Banks In Lebanon As Gov’t Devalues Currency

Uproars have spread across Lebanon as of late, in light of a money emergency that has left enormous parts of the nation in neediness. Headquarter areas for the nation's national bank have been focused by nonconformists, alongside littler bank offices that represent the financial troubles of the country. Lebanon's money has been decaying for a long time however started a freefall back in October which has additionally dived the nation into destitution. In the previous half-year, the country's Lira money has lost about 70% of its worth. 

A week ago, Joyce Karam of Joined Middle Easterner Emirates-based news source TheNational Announced Que la Lebanese pound is exchanging for more than 5, 000 for every $ 1. The accident of the money has prompted further financial disparity in the nation. As per information gathered somewhere in the range of 2005 and 2014, Lebanon's top 1% gets 25% of the national pay by and large, and the top 10% gets 55% of the national salary. In Tripoli, Lebanon's second-biggest city, destitution rates werwereund half close to the furthest limit of a year ago, and this figure has kept on ascending as the emergency extends. 

"The nation over, parts of Lebanon's national bank have been pelted with rocks and set ablaze. Lebanon's PM, Hassan Diab, censured the ongoing fights and considered them an "overthrow" against the legislature and an endeavor to control the estimation of the Lebanese money. "The all outnumber of captures made by military insight somewhere in the range of 11 and 15 June in various Lebanese districts is 36 individuals for demonstrations of vandalism, " an announcement from the military read. While trying to hinder the crash and subdue the fights, the Lebanese national bank reported that it would infuse a large number of dollars into the market.

NYPD Caught On Video Using Fake Taxi To Allegedly Infiltrate Protests

New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo and New York City Mayor Bill De Blasio have declared a curfew until Monday, June 8 in response to ongoing protests sparked by the police killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis. The latest method of trapping and arresting those breaking the curfew appears to be the use of fake yellow taxis that are actually police cars. Video circulated last night of the NYPD apparently tricking protestors trying to go home by posing as taxis and then arresting them for breaking the curfew. The images show a man being arrested and put into the back of the vehicle, almost a perfect copy of the iconic New York taxi. A 2016 Freedom of Information Request by journalist Matthew Guariglia found that the city’s police force has a fleet of at least five so-called “cop cabs,” and that the NYPD has been using them since at least 2015. Subscribe to more videos:

As City Moves to Disband Dept., Cops Conduct Drive-by Pepper Sprays on Peaceful Protesters

On Saturday, several Minneapolis city council members announced that big things were coming in the pipeline that would be revealed on Sunday. Then, on Sunday, nine members of the Minneapolis City Council proclaimed their support for disbanding the Minneapolis Police Department at a rally. Around the same time, Minneapolis cops were proving to the public exactly why they need to be disbanded — by conducting drive-by pepper sprays on entirely peaceful protesters. Subscribe to more videos:

Cops Attack, Kidnap Man at Protest as He’s Being Interviewed by Local News

Police violence against peaceful protests is so rampant in the United States right now that much of it is being caught on mainstream media networks, live and on air. In one utterly ridiculous show of force, a protester, who is reportedly a pillar of the community, was assaulted by the police, tackled and kidnapped, as he was giving an interview to WIVB 4 News. You cannot make this stuff up.
As the video below shows, the attack was captured from two angles. Miles Carter was giving an interview with a cameraman from WIVB when a swarm of riot cops started running toward the pair. His hands were in the air and he was doing nothing illegal.
“My name is Miles Carter. I live in the Town of Tonawanda. I don’t live in the City of Buffalo,” he said. And as he continued with “My mosque is over on Genesee Street,” a dozen cops threw him to the ground so hard his helmet flew over ten feet.
Then cops began setting off tear gas.
Exactly why Carter was arrested remains a mystery as there was no curfew when this happened and he appeared to be completely peaceful. WIVB called Buffalo police to ask why they attacked and kidnapped the man, but they received no response. TFTP also reached out on Friday and have not heard anything back.
The local chapter of Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), held a press conference on Friday to call out the injustice of Carter’s treatment. As the organization pointed out:
On Monday evening in Buffalo, N.Y., Miles Carter was speaking with a local television reporter during a peaceful demonstration. With his hands in the air and back to the police and without any notice, police in riot gear rushed forward, grabbed him and threw him to the ground. Police arrested Carter on two baseless charges. The City of Buffalo had not issued a curfew for Monday evening. Carter was released early Tuesday morning.
After the video of his arrest was put online, friends of Carter started a fundraiser on Lauchgood for him, which raised nearly four times the amount they were trying to obtain for his legal defense. The extra money is reportedly going to create an endowment for all unjustly arrested people.
Every dollar raised over 10,000 will go to (1) legal fees for eligible individuals in our community (2) social justice advocacy and (3) facilitating know your rights trainings for the inner city
According to CAIR, Carter has been a community advocate for years and has contributed to the City of Buffalo by helping to raise over $120,000 to build a state-of-the-art playground and dedicating time to assist in the build-out of a domestic violence shelter that serves the east side of Buffalo.
He is a father of 5, a black business owner, a native of Buffalo, a graduate of Medaille College and has served as a mosque liaison to the Buffalo Police Department C-District.
In a statement, CAIR-NY Litigation Director Ahmed Mohamed stated:
“Protesters have a fundamental right to protest against abusive police practices. It is unacceptable for law enforcement to respond to peaceful protests with aggressive tactics and excessive use of force.
“Miles Carter was conducting a media interview with his hands in the air and his back turned away from the police when he was viciously grabbed, slammed to the ground by the officers, and unlawfully arrested. Mr. Carter’s courage to speak out is indicative of his commitment to his community and justice.
“CAIR-NY stands in solidarity with Mr. Carter and protesters demanding that police stop using excessive force against unarmed Black community members.”
Protests are expected to continue in Buffalo after an extremely disturbing video was posted online showing cops assault a 75-year-old man who was trying to give them back a helmet they lost.

Cop Gropes Unarmed Woman, Fellow Cops Beat the Hell Out of Her For Pulling Away

As the echo chamber from the police apologist crowd ramps up their anti-protest propaganda, it is getting harder for them to deny the rampant violence carried out against non-violent peaceful protesters. No one here is claiming that criminals aren’t exploiting these protests for political and personal gain by looting and destroying things. However, all the stories on which TFTP has reported so far involve unprovoked violence on innocent, peaceful protesters. The video below appears to fall in line with this theme. It is important to point out that many of the arrests we are seeing involve violations of unconstitutional curfews that have been enforced across the nation. When citizens refuse to be silenced and do not go home when told they have to, police begin a process known as kettling. Subscribe to more videos:

Cops Shoot Innocent Student in Head with Rubber Bullet, Open Fire on People Helping Him

Across the planet, the red cross emblem is an internationally recognized symbol of protection and neutrality; used to identify medical services as well as the people, programs, and objects connected with humanitarian activities. The military is taught not to engage people wearing this symbol and for the most part, this is universally accepted. In the land of the free, however, when cops are in a heightened state of aggression and violence because people are protesting, the red cross seemingly becomes a target, as the following video shows. Subscribe to more videos:

In Anambra, three people were killed as they clashed with the police.

  Over the weekend, the situation in the Aguleri village, which is located in the Anambra East Local Government Area of the state of Anambra...