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Cop Gets Immunity After Video Shows Him Jumping on Car, Killing Unarmed Driver

O'Shae Terry and a buddy were stopped by Arlington police officer Julie Herlihy in September 2018 because Terry's temporary tag had expired. Officer Bau Tran would also react to the stop and would shoot and murder Terry 10 minutes later. The Fifth Circuit Appeals Court has now given Tran qualified immunity on the grounds that leaping onto a moving automobile and murdering the driver is "reasonable." The event occurred in broad daylight on September 1, 2018. Terry had not yet received his new licence plate, and as a result, officer Herlihy targeted him for revenue collection. When officer Tran arrived, he smelled marijuana, and traffic check quickly devolved into a hunt for a plant. As a result of the court's decision: O'Shae Terry and his passenger, Terrence Harmon, were stopped by a City of Arlington police officer for driving a huge SUV with an expired registration plate. The officer approached the vehicle and demanded identification from Terry and Harmon. A